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Top Ten Baby Items Every New Mom Needs

Updated on April 13, 2011

Mark these down, Mama!

When I was pregnant with my son, I stood in the baby section of the big-box stores, registry gun in hand, not knowing where to begin. Choosing the right items for your first baby can be very overwhelming. Below are items I wish I would have registered for, knowing what I know now.

Self-Closing Swaddling Wraps

Every baby is different, but most babies prefer to sleep snuggled up tight in their blankets, which simulates the close quarters of the womb.  I've never been a been skilled at oragami and the same went for wrapping my son adequately.  If I wrapped him too loose, his little arms would wiggle their way out and he'd wake up.  When we wrapped him up as tight as a burrito, he would literally roll around like a Weeble!  These Swaddle me wraps were perfect because they have a secure velcro closure that ensures no wiggly-arm slippage and no rolling.  The first night we purchased one of these heavenly items, was the first night my son slept all night!

Boppy Lounger

The traditional Boppy is a common item that makes it on to virtually every baby registry, but lets invite it's cousin, the lounger to the party. This circular shaped pillow is a little piece of sanity for mommies who need to put baby down for a moment. The pillow supports baby while still allowing him/her to look around, kick and wiggle like babies like to do. Although this is great hands-free tool, it is crucial that baby still be supervised on the Boppy lounger. Little ones have a tendency to roll, so do not put the lounger on an elevated plane.

Microwaveable Sterilization Bags

I would love to find the person who invented these little life savers and give him/her a big bear-hug!  Forget waiting for the darn water to boil while your hungry child is wailing in the background.  Gone are the days when you have to wash your breast pump implements in the staff lounge sink and pray nobody walks in.  With these clever bags, you just toss the bottle or pacifier, etc. into the bag, add a little water, seal it and pop it in the microwave.  Next thing you know they're sanitized and ready to use.  Plus, the bag is reusable.  Need I say more?!

Clip-on Pacifier Holder

Luckily, one of my savvy mom friends knew to give me this handy little item even though I didn't register for it. The rules of gravity state that when an infant and a pacifier are involved, the pull of gravity is ten times stronger on the pacifier! The original pacifier that baby starts their trip out of the house with is surely not to be his/her last. Said pacifier will end up on the ground, under the car seat, in an alternate universe... Who knows where they go! You bet your Boppy that you better have backup pacifier. These nifty little holders clip on to the diaper bag handle, so mom doesn't have to rummage through a germy diaper bag. Now some of you more experienced mommies are thinking, "What about pacifier clips?" Soothie pacifiers, which babies seem to love so much, don't have handles to clip onto and let's face it...babies have their ways.

Musical Seahorse

 We loved this little seahorse so much, we named him Seamus. Between Seamus and the Swaddle me blanket, my son was out like a light. This little seahorse plays gentle music and glows when you press the tummy. The music and soft light lulls baby right to sleep. My son is 2 and he still sleeps with it from time to time. Looove it!

Open Bottom Gowns

Nobody wants to mess with all sorts of snaps in the middle of the night. When baby needs changed, these open bottom gowns are no muss, no fuss due to having easy access to the diaper. Baby will be all wrapped up and dozing off in no time. You may have registered for one of these already. Double that order!

Calendula Cream

Forget all that diaper rash cream and stick to this natural first-aid alternative. Calendula cream is  is excellent for diaper rash, cradle cap, dry skin and minor scrapes and cuts. Some diaper rash creams are so thick, they tend to dry on the skin, irritating it further. Calendula cream is gentler, goes on smoother and has a pleasant scent.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

These portable little guys are great for the diaper bag and are alcohol free so they are safe to use on baby's hands.  I also love that the natural sanitizers don't tend to dry the hands out.  We go through scads of these.

Musical/Animated Crib Attachment

As baby is growing and the musical sea horse isn't engaging enough to keep your little one happy in the crib, the musical aquarium or rain forest crib attachments are great for entertaining your little learner. My son still plays his at night.

Light-Weight Baby Carrier

The super expensive carriers are great for hikes and all day shopping trips, but a softer, lighter weight carrier is a nicer alternative when doing things around the house.  These lower-tech versions tend to be less bulky and keep baby cozy while mom's washing dishes and doing other things around the house.


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