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Top Ten Beetroot Health Benefits Explored

Updated on February 2, 2014

Although there could a whole lot of extremely useful health related facts related to beetroots, here we'll learn the ten most important ones:


Folic Acid Crucial for Expecting Women

It is a known medical fact that folic acid is beneficial and is specially recommended for all women during their pregnancy periods. Beetroot is a great source of folic acid which ensures a proper development of the spinal cord for the unborn baby inside the mother’s fetus. Lack of folic acid is said to increase the possibility of a spinal disorder called spina bifida for the child.

Getting Rid of Diabetes with Beetroot

Patients suffering from diabetes are seen craving for sugary sweet foods, which lead to more health disorders and a aggravation of diabetes inside the patient. Beetroot could be a great and a safe alternative for sugar for such patients, since the sugar inside beetroots have the property of releasing slowly inside the users blood due to their low glycaemic index. The slow release of sugar in the blood ensures optimal absorption without triggering the diabetic problems. This feature keeps the sugar craving inside the patient in control by satiating it in a gradual manner and for a longer period of time. Since beetroot does not have any bit of fat content in it, also ensures zero calorie rise and provides the perfect diet ingredient for the diabetic patients.

Combat Anemia with Beetroot

Beetroot is known for its excellent properties specifically beneficial in controlling anemia. Anemia is a blood disorder wherein the patient suffers from reduced red blood corpuscles or RBCs. Beetroots have a rich content of iron which becomes responsible for the production of hemoglobin in the blood and which in turn effectively circulates oxygen inside blood capillaries enhancing the RBC production and controlling anemia.

Beetroot keeps your Blood Pressure in Check

It has been proved through researches tat beetroot consist of a high level of nitrates stored inside them. Inside the body these nitrates undergo a transformation into nitrites and their oxides. The elements help in widening the arteries and the various blood capillaries enhacing the blood flow throughout the body and consequently become responsible in keeping the blood pressue in control, and prevent it from rising to unsafe levels. For enjoying the above benefit, it is recommended to consume at least half a kg of beet root everyday.

Beetroot can Fight against Osteoporoses

Today we can witness even the young guys suffering from this dreaded bone disorder called osteoporosis which results in the bones becoming porous, brittle and prone to snapping even with minor accidents.

Silica is one element that has been found highly effective in controlling or restricting osteoporosis since this element helps the body in absorbing calcium optimally which is the prime nutrient for the formation of healthy bones. Beetroot are proved to have a high content of silica, therefore consuming beetroot everyday as whole or in the form of juice will fight your all bone related problems.

Keep the Bad Cholesterol at Bay with Beetroot

Among the other important constituents found in beetroots are betacyanin, and flavonoids. The distinctive red color that beetroot has is attributed due to this special ingredient called betacyanin. Betacyanin is popularly known to be a powerful antioxidant agent which becomes effective in eliminating the LDL oxidation preventing the accumulation of this harmful or bad cholesterol against the artery walls. This action ultimately inhibits the chances of strokes and deaths due to heart attacks.

Preventing Cancer with Beetroot

A research conducted at Washington’s Howard University unravelled this astonishing truth that Betacyanin found in beetroots can actually restrict the fast growth of cancerous tumors by upto 12.5% and become specifically effective against prostate and breast cancers.

Beetroot is effective in controlling brain related disorders such as dementia

As discussed earlier beetroot consumption increases the flow of oxygen in blood, this ensures that blood inside the brain also becomes rich in oxygen. This in fact helps the brain cells to thrive in a healthy environment. In addition to this the nitrate derivatives supplied by beetroot to the body enhance neural transmission across the network thereby making it more active. These enhancements result in a much healthier brain functions, and delay the onset of dementia which is a memory loss disorder commonly seen in elderly people.

Having Constipation Problems, Eat Beetroot

The high soluble fiber content found in beetroot works wonders in regulating constipation issues and acts like a natural laxative. The fibers enhance bowel contractions, and cleansing of the colon which results in a relaxed bowel release.


Recharge your Sexual Vigor with Beetroot

This intriguing property of beetroots was perfectly exploited by the Romans ages ago who knew well about how beetroot consumption was responsible in increasing their sexual appetite. The nitrates present in beetroot have the abilities of dilating the arteries and releasing optimal blood flow in the genitals which in turn results in extra vigor and vitality during sexual intimacies.

Beetroot is also seen to have the capability of providing the element boron which stimulates the production of sex hormones.

The above facts also hold true with the Viagra pills which happen to implement the results identically as above, that means beetroot can be accepted as a great natural alternative to Viagra or similar artificially made over the counter pills and drugs.

So next time you see those alluring ads, say no them, and instead go for this friend in red called the beetroot.


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