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Top Ten Reasons Not to Tan

Updated on March 23, 2014

Why do we love the sun so much?

 So the question is why do we love to tan so much? I guess there are several reasons, people think that they look better, younger, sexier, healthier. And I have to admit that I believe that some of this is true to some extent. I think some people do need to get some sun in order to have a healthy glow to them, so that they don't look pale or sickly, and I think for the most part everyone would believe me. But this hub is about whether or not tanning is good for you in the long run and I have compiled some compelling reasons why a person should not go overboard as far as tanning goes.

# 10 Reason you shouldn't tan

 The sun's UV rays damage the DNA of the skin's epidermal cells, triggering enzymes that race to repair the damage. However, these enzymes do not always repair the DNA successfully, and all this unrepaired damage can lead to mutations that increase the risk of skin cancer. Also, repeated unprotected sun exposure can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and spots associated with sun damage. That doesn't sound all that healthy to me folks. Those UV rays can be a killer. Think about it.

# 9 Reason you shouldn't tan

I know that you are probably getting ready for summer and wanna show off that tan to everyone so that they know that you had a great time with your friends and have that golden skin to prove it. Well just think about that little mole on your skin that wasn;t there before you went on summer break. I don't think skin cancer is worth all those happy memories at the beach. At any rate girls and boys, wear UV lotion before going out into the sun for long periods of time.Good reason for not tanning.

# 8 Reason you shouldn't tan

I know some girls are addicted to tanning and they cannot get enough of it right? I am sure that you know someone like this, in this case, you need to do an intervention and let them know the dangers of tanning. Seriously, tell them they do not want to lose your friendship because of their addiction. I am sure that your friendship is more important to them than tanning. So you shouldn't tan if you don't wanna lose friends.

# 7 Reason you shouldnt tan

 Okay I know this is a picture of a person who tried to do the self tanning thing. And it just makes my point for me. A person should not tan because if she cannot even make her fake tan look good, what is she gonna do to her skin when trying to actually get a real tan. Don't try it at home folks. It's not pretty.

# 6 Reason you shouldn't tan

Okay I know there is much controversy out there about real sun and tanning beds. I know that tanning beds are just as dangerous, however the appeal is that they are a little more controlled tanning than the sun. But to tell you the truth, there is still some danger there and why would you wanna get into a bed that some sweaty person was in before you. I know they CLEAN, these beds but to me, just another reason not to tan folks.

# 5 Reason you shouldn't tan

Okay just the fact that someone anounces the fact that they would rather be tanning than doing anything else tells me that this person is in great denial about themselves. Help them help themselves quick.

# 4 Reasons you shouldn't tan

Oh doesn't that sound good, sun kissed. I think they even use that logo on an orange juice commercial. At any rate as good as that sounds, how good does melanoma kissed, or cancer kissed, or squamous cell carcinoma kissed, or basil cell carcinoma kissed sound?. Doesn't sound too pleasing does it?

# 3 Reasons you shouldn't tan 

To these vey addicted people you need to put your foot down with them and help them find whys to get a fake tan or show them pictures of what skin cancer looks like. Show them pictures of aging skin, wrinkled bags under eyes, get the picture?

# 2 Reasons why you shouldn't tan

Look I know the sun is a beautiful thing, I know that your skin needs vitamin d to help with the elasticity of your skin. But there are so many different ways to do this than the sun. I am not against going into the sun but please do it at moderate times and always protect your skin as much as you can.

# 1 Reasons why you shouldn't tan and it should go without saying! 

Now the woman in this picture looks like she could be mistaken for a saddle and thrown onto a horse at any given moment. It goes without saying that she has reached the danger zone and is way past it. If any of the reasons before this one didn't convince you to take care of your skin, then refer to this picture.


Stewie Gets a Tan

A sign at a tanning salon

You'll be so brown, we guarantee that you will be arrested and detained by U.S. Homeland Security... or your money back!!


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  • CZCZCZ profile image

    CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

    thumbs up, great hub, and good points. The fake tanning and over tanning seems to have gotten way out of control with some and it needs to stop. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and the women in the last pic is just too much, way to end the article with a bang.

  • The Suburban Poet profile image

    The Suburban Poet 5 years ago from Austin, Texas

    Thanks for posting this. I was a life guard for years in my younger days (1976 - 1981) plus I spent lot's of time out on the beach and at the pool. Well I was diagnosed with melanoma five years ago but luckily it was the thin variety and supposedly I'm good to go. I avoid the sun now. I have a good friend whose wife died of it (Stage IV) about four months ago. It's not worth it people. I cringe now when I see all the pretty young girls flocking to tanning salon's. I want to go over and shake them but they probably would think I'm a nut (they'd be right on that!).... sooooo.... what can you do?

  • Manchester23 profile image

    Joshua McDonald 6 years ago from Fort Collins, Colorado

    Nice! Great Response! When I lived in Hawaii, I actually used self tanner over natural suntan. I got so many compliments on how tan my skin was, the only problem was putting it on my back by myself; I suppose, now that I have a fiancé, she could put it on for me though :). Thanks for replying!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

    Manchester23 thanks so much for this question. I absolutely used to tan and I tanned about 3 times a week. I am from south Texas and spent a lot of time on the beach and started noticing my skin changing and it really scared me. I started really protecting my skin since then and when I feel like getting that sun kissed look then I rely on a good self tanner, there are good ones out there, they may be a little espensive but they are worth it. Thanks for reading and commenting. cheers.

  • Manchester23 profile image

    Joshua McDonald 6 years ago from Fort Collins, Colorado

    Just a question by the way, Lady Jane, do you tan? Being from texas and all - I'm just curious. Because I tell folks not to tan and know all the reasons behind it but still do it myself.

  • lone77star profile image

    Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

    The reasons sound compelling, but could there be a different truth behind the scenes?

    Anything can be over-done, including tanning. But sunlight is essential for creating vitamin D, naturally.

    Before people started putting chemicals on their skin, such cancers were rare if not non-existent.

    A fellow hubber has an eye-opening report on the cancer scam ( If you had the chance to make billions of dollars by selling products which made others sick, and then billions of dollars more by selling them products (not to cure, mind you) to manage the symptoms of those illnesses, wouldn't you jump at the chance? I wouldn't.

    Something to think about.

    If someone feeds ego just to look pretty with a tan, then they need to humble down. There are more important things in life.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

    wpexplorer thanks for reading and I agree with you it is gross LOL...And stewie is awesome I love that show too. Cheers.

  • wpexplorer profile image

    wpexplorer 6 years ago from USA

    Oh wow, that last picture is gross. Just seeing should stop anyone from tanning.

    Adding the Family Guy video was a nice touch :) I love that show!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Ken glad you enjoyed the hub. It was really a tongue in cheek type hub and it has surprsised me that it is my most viewed hub. OH well go figure. Thanks for viewing cheers.

  • profile image

    Ken Moncrieff 7 years ago

    Another nice hub and worthy of taking the advice given. Living in England for the last 50 years makes one look like a professional flour grader and in my view it is nice to look and feel healthy with a tan. Moderation in everything surely is the key.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Nancy thanks for reading. Cheers.

  • Nancy Carnide profile image

    Nancy Carnide 7 years ago

    Great hub but you could have provided more information on the damaging effects of UV Rays and how they effect the body. Have a read of my hub that explains some of the effects of how damaging tanning can actually be:

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    epigramman I will take that compliment and run with it. Cheers and thanks for reading.

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 7 years ago

    well Ms. Devenue I only tan by the golden glow of your eclectic taste in hub writing!

  • passonno73 profile image

    passonno73 7 years ago

    I just finished my one month of tanning in the level 4 bronzing beds.I haven't done it for years.I feel good and a lot better about myself.But to go overboard is crazy! I have seen that pic before,and all I can say is YIKES!

  • writer45 profile image

    writer45 7 years ago from Fargo, North Dakota

    Very good advice and great use of images to get your point across!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks Habee and I know what you mean, if it wasn't bad for me I would be in a tanning bed as we speak. LOL thanks for visiting.

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

    Great reasons, but I'm physically addicted to UV rays. Seriously.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Maria thanks for reading and for your great input. Cheers.

  • profile image

    Maria Cole 7 years ago

    Great advice! The right tanning lotion is so critical and for those of you that need a little bit of color I highly suggest a more controlled tanning experience over sitting out in the sun. Always remember the lotion and eye protection!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    audiologist staffing thanks for your input. Cheers.

  • profile image

    audiologist staffing 7 years ago

    Tanning is best only for leather.

    Humans just need exposure enough to absorb vitamin D.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    lucieanne nice to meet you and nice to see you on my hub. I think that is a good idea concerning your boys. Sometimes youngsters don't realize the real dangers. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  • lucieanne profile image

    lucieanne 7 years ago from Boston United Kingdom

    Sound advice Ladyjane. I've been nagging at my boys to stop going on the sunbeds. Now I'm just going to show them your hub. Maybe this will do the trick.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Hello Rose thanks for visiting. Wow I would love to live in Hawaii that must be great. I don't tan very well either if I am out in the sun I just get red and blotchy. Yuk. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  • Rose West profile image

    Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan

    This was great, ladyjane! It's nice to know there are other people out there who feel that way about tanning. I live in Hawaii, but don't tan very well and don't want to, and I always get asked where I'm visiting from (because I look like a tourist I guess). It's kinda funny :)

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    carmellowyoshi thanks for visiting and you are welcome. Cheers.

  • carmellowyoshi profile image

    carmellowyoshi 7 years ago

    Well, with our UV shield partially destroyed it is really important now to watch out for the sun. Thanks for the tips and the hub!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    bojangles8 thanks for your input. Cheers.

  • bojanglesk8 profile image

    bojanglesk8 7 years ago

    I agree, the sun is evil.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    MFBIII thanks for sharing and I know what you mean I refuse to be a burnt offering myself lol. Cheers.

  • MFB III profile image

    MFB III 7 years ago from United States

    I have no desire to be a burnt offering to the sun god or the aluminum roaster of human flesh that cooks the skin with UV rays. Several of my dear friends who were not old at all died from a melanoma in some hidden part of their body, middle of one's back, and one was behind an ear. Skin cancer is insidious and is known to thrive in tanning salons for those who are addicted to all year tans. great warning hub.~~~MFB III

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    bharath.adupa thanks for reading. Cheers.

  • bharath.adupa profile image

    bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

    Oh its very nice hub .

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Mickydee thanks for reading and please take care of your arms and legs as well we wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Cheers.

    @Glitter Paw I agree with you Im pretty pale myself and I used to love to tan but don't anymore as I age I get more sensitive to the sun and the tan just turns to spots and freckles so Im staying away from the sun. Thanks for visiiting. Cheers.

    @katiem2 thanks for visiting your welcome for the tips. Cheers.

    @hypnodude good to see you again hope all is well. I agree with you I love that sun kissed look as well and used to adore the sun when I was younger but now that I am more educated about what the sun can do to someone I have become more careful. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  • hypnodude profile image

    Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

    I must admit that I like tanned skin, possibly tanned by the real sun. But not those people who have the same color of a pumpkin or are addicted to being tan. I prefer the natural way which gives also the healthy benefits of vitamins. Vitamin D synthesis if I remember well. Obviously sun with balance, and not at midday.

    Many good advices and great pictures, the last one makes your point particularly clear, the one of the saddle. :)

    Rated up and useful, plus stumbled. :)

  • katiem2 profile image

    katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

    Great information, me and my redheaded daughters can't spend more than twenty minutes exposed without reapplying sun screen. Thanks for the tips. Peace :)

  • Glitter Paw profile image

    Glitter Paw 7 years ago

    omg! that last picture awas hjorrible! i dont go to tanning beds and i wear sun screen.

    im pretty pale lol

    good hube

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 7 years ago

    Yo LadyJane! I have my "cyclists' tan". My legs and arms are exposed and I'm proud of the lack of tan everywhere else. Thank you Dear!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    deborah I think so too cheers!

  • Deborah Demander profile image

    Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

    Your number one reason for not tanning really says it all.


  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Candice123 you have made a very good point here lol. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers.

  • profile image

    candice123 7 years ago

    why would someone pay to get cancer??? haha when if they want to tan and get cancer at the same time, they can stand outside and do it natural...

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    prasetio30 I know just what you mean. I try to be very careful in the sun as well. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Nice information from you. I never heard that this could be worse. I can find about this in the Bali Island, the beautiful Island in my country. Where many tourist come from all over the world. This is like "sun bathing", they will pride if they back to their country with dark skin. That was the reason of "sun bathing". But for me personally, no thanks.


  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    molson5070 I think you are correct on the 20 minutes a day but as you said people always stay way too long. I know some sunshine is healthy for the vitamins that it naturally gives your skin. Glad you liked my hub and thanks for visiting.

  • molson5070 profile image

    molson5070 7 years ago from State College, Pa

    lol i like the picture at the end. i have heard that tanning for only 20 minutes can give you enough vitamin D for the day (something most americans don't get enough of). the 20 min is suppose to be small enough to avoid the side effects of tanning .. i think i read that in reader's digest but I'm not sure. anyway i still agree with this post, most people tan for wayyy too long and end up looking worse then they did before lol

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Gigi2 thanks for visiting and I hope your daughter heeds your advice, cheers.

    @Billy thanks for visiting and that could be a new slogan for coppertone slip slop slap lol. Cheers.

  • billyaustindillon profile image

    billyaustindillon 7 years ago

    Great hub and advice Jane - once you know someone who has had a melanoma it is an easy decision. Slip on the shirt slop on the sunscreen and slap on the hat - slip slop slap.

  • Gigi2 profile image

    Gigi2 7 years ago from UK

    Great hub. I don't personally worship the sun, but having an olive skin I'm fortunate. But I am showing this to my daughter who has done the tango thing and burns herself to a crisp, if that last picture doesn't work, nothing will. Well done, thumbs up.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Peggy I know exactly what you mean. I try to stay out of the sun as much as I can now as well. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    When I was young I used to lay out in the sun and try and get a tan. Now that I am older (and supposedly wiser...Ha) I no longer do that. Just get some natural sunlight each day on walks and such. If I plan to stay outside longer, I use suntan lotion. Good advice in this hub!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Loriamoor I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for visiting.

    @rose56 thanks you are lucky you have a natural tan. Cheers.

    @Lee B I wish I had a farmers tan but I am so pale that it is hard for me to get a tan. thanks for visiting cheers.

    @romper thanks for visiting appreciate the feedback. Cheers.

  • romper20 profile image

    romper20 7 years ago from California

    awesome thanks


  • Lee B profile image

    Lee Barton 7 years ago from New Mexico

    Really, lying in the sun for hours is such a waste of time. I ought to know! Now I use sunscreen religiously but still have a "farmer's" tan! If I weren't already convinced that tanning damages your skin, that last photo would have done it for me! Great hub!

  • rose56 profile image

    rose56 7 years ago

    Very funny. and full of information. I rather look pale.

  • profile image

    loriamoore 7 years ago

    I was never a "sun-worshipper" tanning often, but I did like getting a tan once each year on vacation. Now that I'm older though, I see sun damage on my skin and I no longer tan. But I'm so pale . . . :-)

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Nellianna thanks for visiing, and I can take tell that you take care of your skin you look great. Cheers.

    @50Caliber I liked your little story about yourself at the beach, somehow I knew you were a natural flirt. LOL Cheers.

    @breakfastpop thanks for reading and Im jealous about your trip to a warm island, have fun but wear sunblock. Cheers.

    @Gojijuicegoodness I just love your name by the way, thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comments. Cheers.

    @Greenlotus thanks for visiting, I have never had an airbrush tan but am considering it. Appreciate the tip cheers.

    @De Greek Oh De Greek this hub does not apply to Greek Gods such as yourself, we all know that skin cancer bounces off of greeks apparently. LOL thanks for visiting, cheers.

  • De Greek profile image

    De Greek 7 years ago from UK

    I am from Cyprus, for God's sake! We lie on the beach from morning till night. Just take care not to be sunburned the first three outings to the beach in the Summer and then we sometimes don't even use sun lotion :-)

  • Green Lotus profile image

    Hillary 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    What you say is so true. I have to admit I really miss getting a tan and feeling the sun on my body. I try to get some sun exposure (15 minutes or less) just for a dose of Vitamin D, but the only tan I get now is an airbrush tan. They've come a long way from the early Coppertone tanning lotions which left you looking like an orange alien!

  • GojiJuiceGoodness profile image

    GojiJuiceGoodness 7 years ago from Roanoke, Virginia

    Great hub! You've got some stunning pictures here to prove your point.

    I would never get a fake tan, however as I work outdoors & generally vacation at the beach for 2 weeks, I get a nice tan every summer. But, I don't want to get anywhere near the danger zone, so often we wear long sleeves at the beach. :)

  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    Great advice and very timely for me as soon I will be heading to a warm island.

  • 50 Caliber profile image

    50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

    Lady Jane, great article. Living in the desert under the blazing sun of summer, I don't wear cut offs or short sleeves just do to the pain that comes from getting fried, in my California years I went to the beach to look, and I remember saying to buddies that were there "look at the ass on that!" never look at the nice tan. So that said I think tanning is image of self worship, frankly I don't care if a nice ass is tanned or not, I still want to pinch it LOL

  • Nellieanna profile image

    Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

    THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!! If I had continued to try to get a tan as I did in my teens on this super-fair skin, I'd certainly at best, look like that last photo, only older as well. - Probably would have had melanoma all over, as well. I always blistered badly and eventually my skin let me know its objections. Any time I'd be exposed - even just in normal out-and-about situations, this Texas sun showed me! I'd turn pink and then be mostly still white but with pinto-pony looking browner markings, perhaps where i'd once blistered so badly. Eventually they'd fade like a tan - but so ugly in the meantime! So I just stopped allowing it to happen.

    Especially at the ranch where it's closer to the rays, has much less shade, not even any pollution in the air to deflect the rays, I NEVER venture out without a big hat, long sleeves & pants. They don't have to be heavy - but I have to be covered! My wise mother always made sure I was protected outside when I was little. - You've probably seen pictures of those deep bonnets pioneer women wore - well - I wore them - they had wooden slats in slots stitched into the fabric in the bill, and a long ruffle covering the back of the neck! Wish I still had one. Maybe I will make one - LOL.

    I take care of my skin! I am particular about sun protection, diet, little or no alcoholic beverages, plenty of water, proper cleansing, exfoliating & moisturizing - you know, sensible attention to the largest organ of one's body and the one that keeps the rest of the universe out of the delicate insides! LOL

    Thanks for posting this! I hope every one - especially those who are starting early and plunging headlong into the dangers of sun exposure - will read and heed it!!

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks Ann appreciate the comments. Cheers.

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 7 years ago from Virginia

    Great advice and well put together, Jane! Thanks for all the info and for spicing it up with some pretty funny pictures! Superb!