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Top Ten Ways To Relax

Updated on May 30, 2017

We have all came across those times when we are stressed far beyond belief. Anything or anyone can set you off and most of the time things do not end well. Here is a Top Ten list of ways to relax and erase those stressful things away.

#10, Drink Some Tea. Chamomile tea, Green tea, Black tea, we got all kinds of tea in the world today. You can usually find a pack in your local grocery store, many places are jam packed with dozens upon dozens of different brands and types of tea. Some can help you sleep or help boost your immune system, even without any special additions tea is known around the world as a drink of calmness. Ever see those commercials with the women wearing big sweaters on a couch and drinking something? They're drinking tea, stay thirsty my friends.

#9, Take A Bath. Yeah, bet you thought this was only for cleaning yourself right? Well you are wrong. After a long stressful day there is practically nothing that beats the feeling of a nice hot bath. Some people will put herbs or special things into the bath to increase its relaxation capabilities, or you can just bring a rubber ducky. Taking a bath can calm the nerves and if you enjoy the soft melodies of a Japanese Garden then you might be even more relaxed. Just don't fall asleep inside the tub or you will turn into a prune.

#8, Go For A Walk. Sometimes the most simplest of things help the most. Whenever my father was stressed out he would go out for a walk. Think of it as your private space, a time where you can vent and talk things out for a little bit. Maybe go for a walk through a forest trail or just go down to the store, either way chances are that you can relieve a bit of stress just by going away from the area and venting for a bit.

#7, Listen To Music. There are dozens of different kinds of music. Some sound sad or happy and others can sound angry. But chances are that you will find a tune or two that helps relieve the anger or pain from whatever is causing you stress. Maybe you will listen to a few sad sounding country songs or some melancholy metal ones, either way music is a great way to express how you feel and relieve that pent up emotion.

#6, Do Something You Enjoy. This kind of fits everything honestly. When in stress, just do what you like. That could be playing games, writing music, working on cars, whatever. As long as it is something you like. It feels natural and helps your heart be at ease, do something you like to do and it will make everything better, unless the thing you likes to do makes you mad then I don't know what to tell you.

#5, Drawing Or Writing. These two are special in a way, unlike the others you can specifically express your emotions on the paper. Think of it like this, if you are sad perhaps you can write a sad song to help share the feelings or at least come to bare that you know that it hurts. Writing about it or even drawing it in a way is explaining how you feel, your bleeding your emotions onto the canvas and that alone is art.

#4, Sleep. Raise your hand if you like to sleep! Well that is everyone in the world then. Sleeping is a good way to get back energy and since you decided to go out for a walk when your pissed you now are tired. Just joking. Going through stressful times takes a toll on the body, just like when you cried about your little girl going off to college and now you’re tired. Sleeping helps get back all that lost energy you threw away, while it won't solve the problem it will help you get back your energy to go kick some behinds.

#3, Exercise. This one will not only help with stress but also get that killer abs you have been trying to get for the past six months. Working out is great when your stressed, most likely the stress will push you to work hard and the more you work the less you will realize you just bench pressed a ten year old. It will help relieve some stress and a good combination with this one is to then bathe and have a nice nap.

#2, Talk With A Friend. If you have really awesome friends who would love to sit and hear you talk about Becky from work then you are golden. Talking to some friends or someone close will help get all the emotions out. Your friend will probably tell you what to do about it or how to cope, or just say you are right even if you are dead wrong. They will also probably tell you that you should go out for drinks. Do it. Do it and have an amazing time, maybe find a cute girl or something, maybe adopt a puppy. On second thought don't listen to them.

#1, Delete The Stress Cause. In the world of today many people have learned to ignore what causes them stress. Becky from work talking smack? Ignore her. Becky bragging about her new butt? Ignore her. Becky steal your coffee mug? Go beat her up then ignore her. Okay don't do that. Much of the things that cause us stress in are lives we can ignore, it will not be easy at first but once you realize how much better it is you will feel awesome.


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