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Top Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Perfect Electric Shaver that Suits You Best

Updated on February 17, 2016

Man has been known to shave since the beginning of time. Or, at least, since their beards and facial hair have started growing. One would imagine that ancient men would be scraggly and covered all over in body hair, since they lacked the tools we have now to keep themselves neatly shaven and trimmed. Through ingenuity and necessity, the mother of all inventions, man found ways of getting rid of his excess body hair, specifically those that caused him discomfort. It was probably during the frigid era of the Ice Age that he first learned to remove his facial hair. With everything around him cold as ice, a beard probably caused more harm than good. It would get wet and start freezing, and later on cause frostbite.

Alexander the Great's shaven image on the Alexander Mosaic, 2nd Century BC
Alexander the Great's shaven image on the Alexander Mosaic, 2nd Century BC | Source

The earliest records of man getting rid of facial hair showed him using two pieces of shells to pin the hair and pull them out. This was no doubt a painful procedure, which man later learned to improve on with the use of sharp stones or shards to cut off or shave his facial hair. These two are the earliest ancestors of what we currently known today as the tweezers and shaver, the modern tools man uses to shave unwanted hair.

Thanks to technology, we no longer need to master the art of using clam shells to pluck out unwanted hair, or sharp stones and shards to shave them off. With the invention of the blade which is used in old-school shaving, to the invention of the manual razor, to the most current electric razors, man has gone a long way in the art of keeping his face neatly shaven and hair-free. The cutting edge technology of present shavers have come up with some pretty amazing electric razors that boast of features that prehistoric men has no doubt never even dreamed of. The search now is for the best electric razor that will suit his needs accordingly.

Shaving tools
Shaving tools | Source

There are tons of shaving tools already out in stores, whether online or in physical ones. Deciding to buy one can be a bit overwhelming to the neophyte shaver, what with the number of options available. Most of these will likely share the same features, while some will have accessories or capabilities that are unique from other electric razors. Also, different manufacturers have come up with leading brands that make choosing even more of a dilemma. What are some things to consider then when getting an electric razor? Here are eight things that can help you decide on which is the best electric shaver for you.

Personal Preference

For a newbie, researching on the brands and models first will be a good idea. Reviews from other users will help you decide on which products to try out. After getting your hands on a few of them, you can then decide on one you personally prefer on the basis of performance and quality.


Some of the most popular brands of electric shavers in the market are Braun, Philips, Panasonic and Remington. Depending on your preference and specifications, these brands will carry several lines and models that will suit every shaving need you have.

Foil or Rotary

Electric shavers come in two kinds – foil and rotary. A foil shaver has a thin metal layer which covers the blades. The hair enters the small holes on the foil and are cut by the blades inside. This means the blades do not get into contact with skin and prevents cuts and nicks from happening. Rotary shavers, on the other hand, have rotating heads with circular cutters that follow the contours of the face while shaving. Men with fine, straight hair will do well with foil shavers, while men with medium to thick, coarse beards will find rotary shavers more effective.

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Price Point

Most men typically look at the price point of electric shavers when deciding on what to buy. Although a more expensive electric shaver doesn't always mean a better-performing one, it is still wise to compare price while looking at product reviews to see which ones are deserving of your bucks.

Power Source

Electric shavers are powered either by batteries, a power cord, or come with a charging station, while some are a combination of mains and batteries. If you are a guy who travels often, a rechargeable one is the practical and ideal choice for you for obvious reasons.

Got sensitive skin? Shave with caution!
Got sensitive skin? Shave with caution! | Source

Skin Type

Men with sensitive skin will often find themselves suffering from razor burns and irritated skin. This can be avoided with the use of foil shavers and shaving cream, as well as the proper shaving technique. Foil shavers are gentler on the skin compared to rotary shavers, which best suit men with tougher, less sensitive skin.

Wet or Dry

Wet shaving or dry shaving, which one is your preference? A dry electric shaver means you can shave whenever and wherever you are, particularly if you are always on the go and often need to perform your shaving at the last minute. If you prefer being able to shave with your electric razor while showering, the wet and dry shaver is your best bet. It is versatile and very convenient, too.

Different Shavers but same Performance

It helps to know that most leading brands of electric shavers would often carry a range of shavers with several models varying only in extra features and overall performance, but with the same basic cutting system. These models will come in different price points, therefore a good practice would be to choose a specific brand and range first. From there, you can compare and choose a model which will fit your budget.

Basically, the bottom line in choosing the best electric shaver for you is personal preference and performance. Your first-hand experience with a brand or model will determine which one will best fit your shaving needs and requirements. After making your choice, the next step is to learn the proper use and care of your shaving tool so that you get the most out of your money's worth.


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