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Top Ideas to achieve 'weight loss'!

Updated on December 8, 2015

Fit is not a destination.. It's a way of life!!

Diet Vs. Exercise!!

The most crucial elements concerned with fitness are Diet and Exercise. People often argue that taking care of just one of them can make one fit. Hence some people focus on their diets only for weight loss without doing exercise at all, while others focus on exercises only without changing their regular fatty diets. Both perceptions are wrong since diet and exercise both are equally essential for fitness.

Hitting just gyms and yoga are not alone enough to make you lose your weight. Exercises/Yoga along with nutritious diet is the ultimate way to success of being healthy and fit. There are several benefits of such a way of living apart from losing weight. This routine keeps the skin and internal digestive organs healthy. The sweat helps in releasing toxic out of the body. Good nutrition helps to keep hair, eyes, heart and other internal organs healthy.

Keep reading ahead to know the working Ideas to achieve effective weight loss!!

DIET: Healthy Alternatives:

Even small changes in diet can do wonders! When having target of weight loss, we have to achieve two phases:

1. Phase of no weight gain- In this phase, one is neither gaining weight nor losing. This phase is important to achieve weight loss phase.

2. Phase of weight loss- Once the phase 1 is achieved, one should continue the routine, but now physical activity should grow. The more the physical exercises, the more rapidly one achieves weight loss phase.

Let us see one by one the various alternatives in diets necessary to be included in order to achieve above phases.

1. Green Tea with honey

Most people are aware of benefits of Green tea. But at the same time, they are defeated by their taste buds and hence stay away from the most effective inclusion in diet. Having green tea instead of milk teas or coffee is far more beneficial for the fitness lovers. Having green tea with honey early in the morning with empty stomach everyday gives miraculous effect to weight loss process. More benefits are:

  • It is enriched with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants. These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of diseases.
  • It keeps the mind awake and active by improving brain's function. Many people report having more stable energy and being much more productive when they drink green tea, compared to coffee.
  • It increases fat burning and helps in boosting metabolic rate of the body. Hence, it helps in losing weight, thus lowering the risk of obesity which is the main reason for many diseases.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else..

It's about being better than you used to be..

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Anything that is packaged must be avoided completely. Packaged foods are packets of unnecessary calories and preservatives which are a complete no-no for weight conscious people. Natural foods which are grown in trees and are least processed must be the main portions of our diets. Fruits and vegetables are the best nutritious foods one can have in diet.

  • Fruits like apple, lime, oranges, blueberry, papaya, grapes, pineapple, peaches, avocado and watermelon are said to be negative calorie fruits.
  • Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, spinach, leafy vegetables and tomatoes are said to be negative calorie vegetables.

Negative calorie foods help in boosting metabolism, increase the overall energy, control the appetite, improves digestion and cleanses the liver which increases the efficiency of fat burning process.

3. Whole-grain Foods

Whole grain foods are very beneficial for keeping internal organs healthy. They provide energy to the body and are high in protein and fiber. Whole-grain bread compared to normal bread is a healthy option. Similarly, oatmeal breakfast comes under one of the most healthiest options.

Oats with milk in breakfast keeps one full the whole day. The best thing about whole-grain foods is that they don't contain unnecessary fat calories and just gives energy to body. The internal organs function happily and hence whole body becomes healthy.

Other examples of whole-grain foods are brown rice, barley, wheat flour, millet, ragi, corn, and so on.

4. Protein Intake

Having protein intake in adequate amounts improves body composition, eliminates hunger and reduces body fat. High protein diet reduces hunger as one feels full and hence less calories intake thereafter. It ensures easier fat loss since muscles build up takes place. Amino acids in protein stimulate protein synthesis to keep muscle intact. Protein diet also ensures less belly fat and healthier skin.

The highest quality protein foods include eggs, salmon, chicken, milk, soya and pulses. Regular sprouts breakfast helps to enhance rate of weight loss. Two eggs must be taken regularly without yolk (the yellow part of egg which contains fat) every morning as part of breakfast for good protein intake.

Salmon fish, eggs, chicken are great source of protein for non-vegetarians.

Soyabeans, sprouts, leafy vegetables, dry fruits, milk are best choices for vegetarians.

5. Say No to Junk Foods

Lots of yummy & tasty fast foods are available now a days in one click! Be it a multi-layer saucy Hamburger or delicious extra cheesy pizza, the taste buds crave for such foods. But one needs to put control on the taste buds else they will get the habit of having such tastes. Controlling one's taste desires is the ultimate success to being healthy. Most people may be aware of this thing but very few actually follow it and control on one's desires.

I am not saying to ban the junk foods from your foods list completely. But it's a matter of CONTROL. One can opt for eating the fast foods when a friend gives treat or prefer it occasionally like once in months. But if one is eating fast food on a regular basis and still wants to lose weight, then it's just a dream miles away which cannot be fulfilled easily. So, controlling the taste buds should be the new year resolution or say birthday resolution to improve your eating habits.

One can prefer whole-grain egg/soya/paneer/chicken rolls and whole-grain veggie burgers instead of pizzas and hamburgers. Similarly, one can prefer original fruit juices and lime water instead of cokes and soda drinks.

Weight loss is our aim, so food intake choice should be also ours. If we are aware of benefits of healthier options available as alternatives to general calorie food, then we will program our taste buds accordingly. After all, taste buds should be in our control, and not that we should be in their control!!

Exercises for Fitness

Only diet control is not enough for making body fit. Exercises and physical activities play equal role in achieving fitness. Full day physical activity matters a lot. If one has 8-hours sitting job, then one needs to take some actions to avoid weight gain. Prolonged sitting significantly makes body's tendency to gain weight and gives bad effect to eyes and back. Back pain and weight gain in tummy areas are the major problem of sedentary jobs.

  • One should take breaks in between, should walk near seat (in thinking manner so that no one objects the same) and use stairs instead of elevators.
  • One can have a brisk walk during lunch break.
  • One must take plenty of water during office hours.

Doing job is part of life but it should not give negative effects. Anything we do should give us positive effects in return. But sitting 9-12 hours in front of computer screen gives plenty of health problems like headache, back pain and weight gain. So, maintaining health in any circumstance should be the priority.

Exercises, yoga, aerobics, zumba, abs exercises are the most prevalent physical activities done by fitness freaks now a days. In gyms also, apart from exercises done in machines, timings for weight lifting, aerobics, yoga and dance are given so that one doesn't get bored of same exercise everyday and one can have fun while aiming for weight loss.

Keep Reading to know more:

1. Running

Running on treadmill every day for 5km is a sure shot to weight loss. It burns fat and overall body gets better shape if running is performed everyday. This cardiovascular activity makes one feel more fit and energetic. The sweat releases toxic elements of our body and hence skin becomes healthier. One must use one's own clean towel to wipe sweat and should avoid common towels in gyms.

One can buy treadmill and perform running at home on a regular basis or one can join a nearby gym. Alternatively, if treadmill is not available, one may run in a nearby park covering 4-5 km daily. Natural running in open air is beneficial for body as well.

Aerobics to boost Stamina!

2. Aerobics

Aerobic Exercises, also known as cardio-exercises are the ones which stimulates the heart rate. One set of steps is done repeatedly with music to ensure fun and flow of the body movement. When done in group, aerobics are done in sync with others. Legs are moved in particular fashion and hence main area for weight loss is lower body. However, hands movement are also involved in some steps and overall body activity takes place. One set of exercise is repeated for 10-15 minutes and then another set of exercise is followed. Aerobics of 1 hour everyday leads to visible results.

3. Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a vigorous, high intensity, fitness-based approach to yoga. Power yoga exercises have been invented to strengthen the whole body and develop on a person's willpower. These workout burn calories, improve the muscle mass, reduce fat and increase the Basal Metabolic Rate. People often do power yoga for weight loss. It is generally recommended to do power yoga workout about thrice a week and for 45 minutes each time.

  • Power yoga workouts are designed to strengthen the entire body, develop one's willpower and to fortify one's mental outlook.
  • It increases the capacity of the body to burn calories.

Enjoy the Zumba Dance!!

4. Zumba

Zumba is a dance fitness program which involves dance and aerobic exercises. Squats, lunges, hip-hop, samba and salsa are incorporated in Zumba dance. It is done with the help of repeated energetic songs and sets of dance steps are repeated along with song. It 's a very energetic dance and one has to do non-stop and hence it enhances weight loss process. It's full of fun and energy and gives spectacular weight loss results.

After regularly following zumba dance routine, it has such a magical effect on body that one moves the body according to the rhythm of the music. The muscles get engaged to make some specific moves like squats and twists, thus allowing one to tone the entire body without even realizing it. When done in group, one enjoys the energetic atmosphere with exercises becoming the musical fun. It's a perfect workout helping in relieving the stress. Metabolism gets boosted and hence body burns calories at a faster rate. Also, the dance helps in improving the mood and worries seem to melt away as one loses oneself in the music.

Lots of videos are available in youtube for zumba dance demonstration. One can learn the dance and do it at home to enjoy fitness routine.

Enjoy the Abs Workout!

5. Abs Exercises

Abs exercises completely focus on Abs. They must be performed empty stomach. Rigorous abs exercises give stress in abs in the beginning. But doing abs exercises regularly make abs stronger and overall body becomes healthier. Abdominal exercises need lots of motivation and hard work. But without any abs exercises, the fitness regime is incomplete.

  • Stronger abs means that one will have more muscle hence one will burn more calories when in a resting state, keeping that unwanted fat off.

  • Less fat around the waist decreases the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood LDL cholesterol and diabetes.

  • The more muscle one has in the abdominal area,the more energy will be generated to the rest of the body.

Vote here for your favorite Physical Activity!

Which Physical Activity do you like the most?

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