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Top fat fighting foods

Updated on January 31, 2011

Top fat fighting foods that will help you get slim

 The complete list of the fat fighting foods and their nutritional proprierties which enhance the process of getting slim.

If you have a few pounds over the limit which you had set for yourself then I’m sure you’re aware of the many diets out there. You’ve tried to eat low carb foods or low fat foods soups and juices only fruits and vegetable only or any other combinations. The best thing you can do is keep trying until you find the one that is right for you. The fat fighting foods may be an addition to any diet as they may boost your metabolic processes and help you lose some bonus weight. As it was already shown by different researches the diets that promote eating fats and avoiding carbohydrates as much as possible are posing a risk to the dieter’s health. It has also been adviced by the medical media that a diet based on complex carbohydrates in a percent of 65% may be a lot healthier and it’s more tasty than filling you body with fats.

What are fat fighting foods

The foods that will help the body burn calories add a very low energy intake very few calories and makes the body consume more to digest them that the actual energy quantity of the foods.
To be more precise for example if you eat a tomatoe which has 45 calories per serving your body will burn 70 calories to digest it so you get an extra 25 calories burnt just by eating some tomatoes.

These top fat fighting foods which I will list down are a great source for fibers and minerals which will help you fight the hunger and feel lighter.

Top Fat Fighting Fruits

The fruits are delicious foods which are full of vitamins minerals healthy sugar low in calories and are fighting fat  each time you eat them. You can eat as much as you want there is no limit.They include:

  • ·         Apples
  • ·         Apricots
  • ·         Blackberries
  • ·         Blueberries
  • ·         Cantaloupe
  • ·         Cherries
  • ·         Cranberries
  • ·         grapefruit
  • ·         grapes
  • ·         honeydew
  • ·          lemons
  • ·          Limes
  • ·          Mangoes
  • ·          Nectarines
  • ·          Oranges
  • ·          Papaya
  • ·          Peaches
  • ·          Pears
  • ·          Pineapple
  • ·          Prunes
  • ·          Raspberries
  • ·          Strawberries
  • ·          Tangerines
  • ·          tomatoes
  • ·         Watermelon

Top Fat Fighting Vegetables

The fat fighting vegetables is advised to be served raw or very light cooked in order to preserve their vitamins and minerals. Like the fat fighting fruits it’s not important how much you eat because the more you eat the more you’ll burn. Top vegetables that will fight fat are:

  • · artichokes
  • · asparagus
  • · beets
  • · broccoli
  • · Brussels sprouts cabbage
  • · carrots
  • · cauliflower
  • · celery
  • · corn
  • · cucumbers
  • · eggplant
  • · green beans
  • · kale leeks lettuce
  • · mushrooms
  • · okra onions
  • · parsley
  • · peas
  • · peppers
  • · pumpkin
  • · radishes
  • · red cabbage
  • · sauerkraut
  • · scallions
  • · spinach
  • · squash
  • · string beans

Top Fat Fighting Proteins

The foods that are rich in proteins, usually contain too much fat to be effective in fighting it or eating unlimited. But the body needs proteins so the diet allows a maximum of 5 ounces of chicken or turkey per day, and as much as white fish as you like. Don’t even think about pork and red meat may be consumed twice a week.

Who can eat fat fighting foods ?

This diet is recommended by the department of cardiology for patients with heart medical issues, who need to lose weight fast and healthy.
Diet is fast, and will fight fat. The secret is eating foods which burn more calories than they contain. The diet will help the body wash some toxins off and gives the feeling of "I feel better. "

The top fat fighting food list does not contain all the foods that exist in the world and have this property, there are only the ones which are easy to find and most common in different cultures.

Did you try this type of diet plan?

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