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Top herbal natural oil for hair massage and hair growth

Updated on November 9, 2013

'Crowning glory', as it is aptly called, your hair can be made healthy and lustrous if you use herbal oils to nurish it.

In India, it is very common to see ladies having long and thick hair and it is a beautiful sight to see them with flowers bedecking their long plaits. I have asked many of them as to what oil they use and invariably most of them said they used coconut oil or gingerly oil and washed their hair with shiaikai, the favorite natural herbal shampoo for women in India.

Herbal oil

If you use herbal oil there is no adverse side effects and the result is very good and immediate. Do not use scented oil as the harsh chemicals can do damage to your hair roots. Unscented oil is always a lot better and natural oil prepared at home is even better. You can use coconut oil, gingerly oil or olive oil for applying it daily in your hair and also for hair massage and hair growth.

Ordinary Indian curry leaves are very good for lustrous and strong hair. Its immense iron content makes it good for hair growth. Take a bunch of curry leaves and 100 grams of oil of your preference. Heat the pan and pour the oil in it and add the curry leaves. Keep the flame in low and keep stirring till the spluttering sound subsides. Remove and strain through a muslin cloth and store it in an airtight container.

Henna leaves are another good activator of hair growth. Like the curry leaves it makes your hair grow. The preparation is the same as above. Do not over heat the oil. The flame should always be low and not high as it will burn the leaves. Take a bunch of henna leaves and add it to 100 grams of oil and stir till the boiling sound ceases. It is cheap, but the results are excellent.

Another trick is to buy an iron pan. You can get it in India but I do not know whether it is available elsewhere. A small pan will do. Pour oil in the pan and add dried Indian gooseberry to it and leave it overnight .The oil will turn black and when you apply it in your hair it will give a natural black tint to your hair and Indian gooseberry is also very good for healthy hair growth.

Scrape a full coconut and blend it to make a smooth paste. Extract thick milk and pour it in a pan. Keep the fire low and keep stirring and gradually you will see oil coming out. Keep stirring until you feel oil has completely oozed out of the coconut milk. This is the purest form of coconut oil, devoid of any chemicals and so is very good for your hair.

Aloe Vera is another great hair growth inducer. Take the pulp and mix it with oil of your preference. Place it in the pan and stir over low flame. Remove from fire when the oil ceases spluttering and store in a tight container.

Another trick you should follow is to place the prepared oil in the hot sun so that you can get the nutrition of vitamin D in your oil. Indian women are adept in making use of the natural things available to make their hair the envy of others. It is a treat to watch their long plait undulating when they walk and the flowers they bedeck their hair emit a lovely fragrance when they are nearby.

You too can try these oils and it will not do your hair any harm as there are no chemicals involved and regular use of these oils will enrich your hair with the nutrients it requires and your hair will grow long and thick as you want it to be.

© 2012 mathira


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    • profile image

      DP Singh 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      shailu 4 years ago

      My hair was rebounded 1 month back now the hair fall is more . I want to know that till how many months that straight hair will last and will my hair grow faster what is the remedy for this and now I am fed up of this straight hair

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      I always prefer natural way to cleanse my hair and i think soap nut powder will do a world of good for you. Thank you for your visit anoosha.

    • profile image

      anoosha 4 years ago

      can u plz tell me a good home made shampoo 4 my hair?

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you for your visit servantiam.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      You are right when you say that home made things are far better. miamihair, thank you for your visit.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Curry leaves are excellent for your hair rumanasaiyed. Try to see.

    • rumanasaiyed profile image

      Rumana 4 years ago from Sharjah, UAE

      I have never heard of curry leaves useful in hair growth. I remember my mother makes some hair oil at home, but she never add any curry leaves in it.

      Now I will try it, and hope it will work for me.

      Voted up useful and Shared!

    • mtroutson profile image

      Michael Routson 4 years ago

      Hi Mathira,

      A friend of mine saw this article and experimented with a few of your suggestions, and the results were great! That said, she has dark black, thick hair. I was wondering if you knew whether or not natural oils, especially those using henna, will affect the colour of lighter hair?

    • profile image

      mathira 5 years ago

      Thank you anupma.

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 5 years ago from India

      thanks for sharing such information. I love long hair, but due to some reason I can't keep it. You share very useful tips. I will certainly use. . .

      Voted up useful and interesting.