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Top reasons why you should not consider suicide!

Updated on October 6, 2014

‘But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” –Albert Camus

Life is god send gift to everyone and it is our duty to live it to the full. It is very true that life is never easy and it is very tough to survive the emotional upheavals you face in your life. Time and again you are hurt, demoralized and shattered by the problems you undergo.

When you buckle under the pressure you want to end all your miseries. You feel it is the easy way out. ‘Suicide will end all my agonies and I will finally have the peace I wanted’. When you are emotionally charged and agonized you take the wrong decision to end your life.

What are the top reasons for suicide?

  • Love failure
  • Financial debacle
  • Depression
  • Loss of a precious life
  • Physical abuse
  • Degenerative disease
  • Intolerable pain
  • The inner vacuum of loneliness
  • Thinking that the problems you face will last forever

When you look at the list you see that your decision for suicide relate to your mindset towards the problem you face. You want to live your life, but do not have the courage to withstand your problems which would one day vanish.

What prompts you to take off your life? No one plans a suicide. Depression and abject misery make you take the split second decision to end your life.

Shall we analyze the top reasons for suicide?

1. Love failure

Love is the sweetest emotion when it succeeds. It is also the most terrifying agony when it fails. When you love someone deeply, you become mentally attached to him\her. You can never think of a life without him\her and you become dependent on him\her for your happiness.

When your love fails, you are thrown into a depression which has a crushing effect on you. ‘I cannot live a life without her\him’ your frenzied thinking ignites a sense of frustration in you and your mind shuts out all possibilities of a new life. You become mentally detached from the world and you feel you should not live in it. You want to end it all and you do it without realizing the fact that you could have overcome your deprived feeling as time flies past.

2. Financial debacle can pressurize you

The world revolves around money and your self- respect also depends upon it.

Can you survive in this world without money?

It is impossible and unfeasible. Hard currency has universal approval and when you do not have it, you feel completely lost and alone in this harsh world.

Life stops for you and you look around to see people enjoying themselves while you have to eat out of your hands. There is no enjoyment for you, no visitors in your house, no friends and no relatives. It is a very lonely world when you do not have money, more like a solitary imprisonment.

‘Why survive in this world with nothing to live for’ this mental block can pull you into an abyss of despondency and make you suicidal prone. You should understand the essence of money. It has to be earned by you and will not be handed in a platter to you. When you are hard working and relentless in your search for success, it is just a matter of time for you to become affluent and wealthy

3. Loss of precious person

The thought that you can never see the person you loved can make your life terribly depressing. You can never get over the feeling of loss and your mind always goes back to the wonderful days you enjoyed with your loved one. ‘Why is god so cruel’ your mind screams in inconsolable pain. You feel that ending your life can spiritually unite you with your loved one.

It is indeed very sad that death takes away your precious one, but the hard truth is that death is never in your hands. It has to be faced and loss of lives is part and parcel of your life journey. Time is a great healer and you too might get over your depression and start a new life.

4. Degenerative disease

Nothing breaks your self confidence like illness. When your body is wracked with sickness, and when doctors set a time limit to your life, you cannot believe this is happening to you. You fear the pain, the agony of your near and dear ones, the financial expenditure involved and life stands still to you.

You slowly become reconciled to the fact that you will not survive and you do not want the agony to continue. ‘I will end it’ your despair drives you to take such a drastic step.

Do you know about medical miracles and how many people have survived the harshest of disease?

It all depends on your will power to survive! When you convey your fighting spirit to your body, the repairing mechanism of your body works overtime to make you prevail over the disease.

5. Debts and the resultant problems

If lack of money drives you to depression, debts can drive you to the end of the world. You do not want to look at the world, you fear the sound of telephone, you cringe at the ring of the calling bell and you hate to meet people. You are always in dire need of money to pay the interest for the money you borrowed.

The lender will not listen to you and his body language turns your blood cold and a shiver runs up your spine. The time limit set by the person who lent you the money draws nearer and you do not have the energy or will power to face his threats. There is no one to help you and you are all alone in this world. Debts are one of the top reasons why people commit suicide. They are unable to withstand the volatile pressures debts bring to their life.

You should always try to live within your means and also save for the future. It is true that you are lured by the affluence and outward show of wealth. But you should not give in to its false attraction and make a mess of your life. When you live sensibly, money will slowly drip in and finally pour in. It is the patience to wait and the relentless hard work that is important.

You should not waste your life and take it away to wither into nothingness. You should fight for your survival, forge ahead for your success, live sensibly for your existence till one day your problems become a distant past. The day comes when you wonder why you ever thought of suicide!

© 2013 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you cheaptrick for your visit.

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      cheaptrick 4 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Camus might not have been the best choice to quote...pretty sure he committed suicide...almost positive.The hub was very well done though.Congrats.