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Top ten sure ways to lose weight.

Updated on October 14, 2013

Sedentary lifestyle= weight gain

‘Take care of your body as it’s the only place you have to live.’ –Jim Rohn.

You want to look slim and beautiful don’t you? It is a dream everyone has, but it is the lucky few who are able to maintain their body perfectly. How to they maintain their body? They do regular exercises and keep a watchful eye on the calories they consume. In your hectic work schedule you do not have time to do exercises and so you eat whatever is available. This makes you add weight and when you feel you have added too much of weight you crash diet to bring yourself back to shape.

What makes you add unwanted weight?

  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Junk and oily food
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress eating
  • Alcohol
  • family genes

‘Can I lose weight and look good’ you ask yourself this question again and again. It cannot be done overnight and needs strict regimen of healthy eating habits and regular exercises to shed your extra weight. You should have a watchful eye on what you eat and the sort of lifestyle you lead. Do you know that lifestyle has a telling effect on your weight? Active and agile activities help you shed weight while a sedentary lifestyle makes your body gather unwanted weight.

What are the parts of body which makes you look obese?

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Midriff
  • Back

So you should concentrate on these regions and do exercises which are specially meant for it. Flat belly, slim legs and arms and toned back make you look attractive and slim.

What are the regular things you should do to avoid putting on weight?

1. Have the mindset

The first and foremost thing needed is your will power to stay focused on your eating habits and your ability of being active and agile. If you plan your diet very consciously, but leave it halfway through you cannot see any results. Losing weight takes time and dieting in fits and jerks is not good enough. You should be patient as you can lose weight only gradually and this is in fact the healthy way to lose it.

2. Glass of lime juice with honey

When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of lime juice with honey. The drink should be warm. Start the day doing mild exercises. Concentrate on your midriff region, arms and legs. Lie down straight in the floor and lift your legs without bending your knees. Do it twenty times daily and it is excellent for your belly. Swing your arms around when you are watching TV or when relaxing as it tightens your arm muscles. Skipping, cycling and swimming are all excellent for your legs.

3. Breakfast is a must

Many of you forgo breakfast in the hope of reducing weight. It is a very wrong thing to do. You should not deprive your body of essential nutrients as it can weaken you. Your breakfast in fact provides your body the much needed energy and nutrients to take you through the day. You should eat a healthy diet of fruits, cereals, eggs and sugarless fresh juice.

4. Warm water before eating

Drink at least two glasses of warm water before starting to eat. Your stomach will feel half full and you will not be able to eat a lot. Drink water in between also. Masticate your food well before swallowing and you will feel full before you finish eating.

5. Small work also helps

You should do you own work. Mopping the floor, washing dishes and clothes are all small form of exercises which you should not avoid. Do you drive to nearby places? You should avoid doing it and go by walk. Avoid lifts and walk up the stairs.

6. Goodbye sweets and cakes

Say goodbye to cakes, sweets, chocolates and aerated drinks. Instead of three heavy meals, have five light portions of food with a good helping of vegetables, lean meat, liver and fruits. Do not eat out often as the food served is full of oil and makes you add weight. When you get a craving for sweets take just a small piece and eat slowly as it will deter you from taking another piece. Drink a glass of hot water immediately after eating high calorie food..

7. No stress eating or eating while watching TV

Are you addicted to TV? Do not eat watching programs as you will be unaware of the amount of food you eat. Always make it a practice to eat in the dining table and you will eat a lot less as you will be aware of what you are eating, as your concentration is fully focused in your food. Are you always stressed? Do you relieve your stress by eating? You will definitely add on weight if you are prone to stress eating.

8. Hot water is magic

Avoid drinking iced water and drink hot water instead. It helps you to shed weight effectively. Drink at least six glasses of hot water during the day and you can visibly see yourself losing weight.

9. Avoid eating out with friends

When you are with friends you get carried away. ‘This one time’ you make it your excuse to fill your stomach with food which you had planned to avoid in your weight loss regimen.. Friends being friends always make you get carried away and when you do this regularly you cannot lose weight in the proper way. Sudden burst of heavy eating and starving later can damage your health very badly.

10. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol makes you consume lots of food as you are not conscious of what you are eating as there is a short term increase in appetite when you drink. It is an unhealthy habit and should be avoided at all costs. This is another stumbling block in your efforts to lose weight.

‘Never order food in excess of your body weight.’ Erma Bombeck

You should always be rigid in following the rules of maintaining your weight. If you follow strict diet for few months and feel that you have done enough to lose weight, you are wrong. You will gain the weight you have lost and so keep a close watch on your diet and exercise daily. You should also say a big ‘no’ to sedentary form of lifestyle.


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