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Five topmost qualities to make your life happy!

Updated on October 26, 2014

‘One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching’. – Gerard way

Everyone in this world wants happiness. You often feel that you lack happiness as you always compare your life with others. You never understand that the life of others can never be a parameter to your happiness. You make your life complicated by getting tensed about innocuous matters.

You want to be happy and cheerful in life. But you never understand that happiness in your life is right in your hands. Happiness is a mindset which you should develop. You want success in life to make you feel happy. You want to have affluence to make you happy. You want great social status to make you happy.

But the sad aspect is that you do not know that your needs cannot be handed to you in a platter. You have to work towards it. You have to feel satisfied by the success you achieve. Does that mean you should be satisfied by your mediocre success and remain complacent? It just means your satisfaction in your work should motivate you to do better in your profession.

You feel unhappy about trivial things in life and make yourself sad. You feel unhappy when you do not achieve success. You stop trying and blame your fate for your failure and plunge yourself into discontent.

You feel depressed when you do not have compatibility with your spouse and feel that your married life is miserable and depressive. You do not understand happiness in your married life needs equal contribution from both.

What are the top qualities needed for your happiness?

The truth is you need an amalgam of qualities to make your life happy and fulfilled. You might have tons of money, but if you do not enjoy good relationship with your family, your wealth means nothing. You can have good relationship with your family but if you do not have money to sustain on your own, this harsh world crushes you under its ruthless feet. Can you now see that your happiness depends on many aspects of life?

1. Relationship with your spouse!

The priceless quality for your happiness is the relationship with your spouse. If you cannot live in peace with him\her you cannot hope for happiness in life. You should tolerate the faults of your spouse and overlook his\her minor mistakes.

You should give prominence to his\her good qualities; appreciate his\her involvement in the family. You should join hands with him\her in all the problematic issues of the family. Your happiness starts at home and when you ignore it you will not have true happiness in life.

2. Good friends!

You should have good friends who truly care for you. You can share your inner feelings and thoughts easily with your friends. Who exactly are your true friends? Your friends should know their limits and not barge into your family time and make your spouse feel deprived of your presence.

They should feel happy at your success and be beside you during your failure. Whoever is supportive during your bad times is an indication of what true friendship means. Such friends are blessings of your life.

3. Liking your job!

Do you like your job? If so you have every reason to feel happy in life. You spend most of your time in your work place and if you do not like your job you feel shackled and fettered. When you are comfortable with your colleagues you feel the work atmosphere tension free. When you get into the good books of your boss it gives you job satisfaction. When you are excellent and productive in your work, your success in your profession gives you happiness.

4. Respect your parents!

Do you nurture your relationship with your parents? They are the foundation of your life and if you ignore and neglect them, the guilt you feel can mar your happiness. You should show care for your parents and be supportive in their old age. If you share caring relationship with your parents, their blessings will make your life happy and worthy.

5. Money means a lot!

Are self sufficient in money? This is yet another important quality of life that cannot be ignored. You cannot survive in this world without money. You will be trampled and stampeded by others if you do not have money to sustain yourself. Your self -esteem and self- respect will be destroyed when you lack money. If you have to depend on others for your survival it is the worst ignominy of your life.

These are only some of the qualities required to give happiness and fulfillment in your life. Not all are blessed with these necessary qualities. But that does not mean you will not have these qualities in your life. It is you who have to improvise your life.

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' Dalai Lama

If you think that you are a helpless victim who can do nothing to bring happiness in your life, your life remains so. But if you work towards embedding these qualities into your life you achieve the happiness you seek.

© 2013 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Life can be easy to live if you simplify it and turn your attention to qualities that can make your life worthwhile. Thank you KoraleeP for your good comments.

    • KoraleeP profile image

      Koralee Phillips 5 years ago from Penticton British Columbia Canada

      Great tips on how to be happy with your life. I really agree with your comment There is no such thing as a worthless life, only a worthless way of living it.