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Toronto Dentists

Updated on May 17, 2010

Dentists in Toronto

It should be fairly simply to find a dentist in Toronto, but in reality many people find it to be challenge. Finding a dentist is easy, finding one you are comfortable with is not so easy. There are a lot of dentists in Toronto and it's not like you can try out every single one before you make commitment. This means that you are going to have find another way of making you selection.

When it comes to finding a dentist most people simply open the Yellow Pages and let their fingers do the walking. This will certainly find you a dentist but how do you know if he is any good, more importantly will you be comfortable with this dentist. Another common approach is to ask your friends or family for a referral, although this is a better option it isn't great. Just because your friend likes their dentist doesn't mean you will be comfortable with him. The internet is full of reviews of Toronto dentists, again it really isn't a good idea to choose a dentist based on the opinion of someone else. Friends or the internet are a good way to whittle down your choices but the should not be the sole basis of your decision. Choosing a dentist is personal thing, you will be having a long term relationship with this person, you need to be comfortable with them.

Once you have narrowed down your choices you will need to visit the dentist and actually interview them. Qualifications are something that a lot of people consider but really aren't all that important. It is unlikely that you will find an unlicensed dentist in Toronto, so you can safely assume that any dentist you are considering is properly trained and licensed. You may want to ask about where he went to dental school, and how long he has been in practice. More importantly you are going to want to know about any specialized procedures he provides. Modern dentistry is now a very specialized profession and no dentist would try to offer the full range of dental services. You will need to know what services your dentist provides and what kind of training and experience he has in performing these procedures.

Nobody wants to have to travel halfway across town to see their dentist, especially in a city like Toronto that is not easy to get around in. Therefore location is going to be an important factor in your decision. That being said you will likely only have to make the trip a couple of times a year so don't be afraid to choose a dentist who is located some distance away if you are comfortable with him. A lot of dentists in Toronto are no offering extended hours so that patients can make appointments before or after work, this may be an important consideration for a lot of people.


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