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Total Gym 26000

Updated on February 6, 2016

Total Gym 26000- Exercise Equipment with a Class

Total Gym 26000 is a three-height level adjustable squat stand to help the users perform squats, bridges and other abs exercises on this single machine.

It supports all the exercises which focus on the lower and upper portion of human body. This squat stand can be easily folded to take up less storage space, which is something that attracts customers a lot for space saving in a home gym.

Total gym 26000 has been loaded with some more features than its competitors, like foldable foot holders, which is great for targeting the hamstring area and toning the abdominal muscles in a much better way. While curling down for the hamstring, you will find this machine to be pretty effective for abdominal crunches as you can lock your feet on foot holders and take a good grip.

The most common type of bars used by athletes and fitness experts are the bars like pull-up bars, dip bar and press bar. All these bars are said to be normal bars.

Dip bars especially are designed to tone and strengthen the upper body. It develops the core strengths and upper physical structure of the individual along with the back of the body.

Features of Total Gym 26000

Exercising needs to be done every day, and is advised to be undertaken as a consistent routine. People checking out the Total Gym 26000 for their home gym will understand how easy their exercise routines get by using this ultimate multi gym machine. To achieve the ideal shape and loose the extra flab absolutely anyone can try out this machine.

Age and gender are not going to restrict anyone from getting fit and maintain it. To perform your regular workout routine you can use this machine every day.

It has everything you might expect from any full-body workout equipment. This machine is equipped with some amazing features helpful in realizing the user’s demand of commercial environment.

You wouldn’t believe how perfectly it undertakes every action you might require. You can have professional gym like training sessions at your home, with the help of this machinery.

It has ten different resistance levels to suit different requirements of different users. A large variety of users can use it and have fun while exercising.

The gears provided can be used to shift from one resistance level to another. The base squat in the home gyms is wide enough to assist excellent biomechanics for squats and other two exercises discussed above .This telescopic wide base squat can adjust up to three different heights.

This product comes with a simple at-a-glance chart comprising of more than thirty exercises which can be performed with this machine. One can have a full control over his own workouts whenever required with the help of this equipment. You can perform more than two hundred exercises all on this one equipment at home.

Total Gym 26000 is the best in its range of fitness equipment. It’s appropriate to strengthen your core and sculpting all the muscle groups in the body.

It has a gravity based resistance system which facilitates a smooth workout routine for all its users. The features like upgraded pulley, cable system and squat stand etc. act as the most attractive and useful features of the machine.

It is not like other space hogging fitness machine which will cost you thousands of dollars to own, but it is light-weight-heavy duty fitness equipment which requires very less space for storage.


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    • profile image

      Sally 6 years ago

      Interesting and informative hub :)

    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      This home workout gym is incredible! Is there anything it doesn't do? haha. I could get seriously ripped if I had a machine like that and it looks like a lot of fun too! Great hub!