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Tough Times and How They Shape Us

Updated on May 25, 2016

When Life Hits us Hard

Car accidents, heart attacks, cancer diagnosis, suicide, and divorce. These are some of the most difficult things that families can go through. They leave us overwhelmed and searching for answers. Everything that we knew about life is suddenly turned upside down. We ask ourselves:

What is next?

Can I do this?

Why is this happening?

What can I do?

Life Was so Good and Not Again

When life hits us hard we usually find ourselves in one of these places or bouncing between both.

Life Was so Good ....and busy. Life had been cruising along with little thought of all the bad things that could happen. We were after all living our life. Work, soccer games, bills and homework. It gets busy and we live by our calendar and our clock. That is not to say that these things are bad. They actually build a common ground that families can reflect on to appreciate what is important. Long talks, sincere smiles, and "I love you's" are all valued both because of the unexpected pain and the busness of routine life.

Not again! Sometimes we get hit in waves. We can even feel like we can't catch a break. Will it ever stop? Repeated family illness, financial struggles, conflict with family members. Getting hit in waves hits us too. We wonder if it will ever turn around.

Our People

People.....the medicine we can all use. We really don't have a lot of control over tragedy. We actually don't have that much control over anything. The great thing about people is that the "crap" in life brings us to the realization that we don't have control over everything and we are less likely to control people too. Tragedy and loss sucks. It brings us to our knees. It also helps us live. Really live.


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