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Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Updated on March 24, 2013

What exactly is metabolism and how does it affect your digestion? Metabolism refers to the rate at which calories in the body are burnt and produced. When these two operations are balanced, your body functions perfectly. It’s when these two are out of synch that the problems begin. When more calories that are burned are produced, you put on weight – which is what happens to most of us in this day and age what with the amount of food we eat. When more calories are burned that they are produced, you lose weight – which is what happens when people are on a weight loss programme or when they are ill. Most people today need to increase metabolism so let’s take a look at what to do when it comes to speeding up your metabolism.

Metabolism Foods
Metabolism Foods

There are many ways to maximize your metabolism, among them certain metabolism foods. Before we get into how to increase metabolism, let’s look at what are the factors that slow metabolism down. It could be that it is genetic and you come from a family that has a slow metabolic rate, it could be that you don’t eat at the proper times or you eat the wrong foods, or that you are sluggish and don’t exercise enough or even that you are stressed out and this interferes with the metabolic rate.

So here are a few tips on how to increase metabolism now that you know what slows it down. First off, eat many small meals a day rather than a couple of really large ones. This is what happens with diets – people starve the whole day, then they are so hungry, they gorge on everything they see. A big NO – eat a little at a time so the acids and the enzymes in the system can work to their best capacity and digest all the food as well as eliminate the waste matter.

Exercise and build muscle rather than fat. You can walk and swim but also do a bit of strength resistance exercises every day. 

Eat sensible and that means have a good breakfast as this kick starts your metabolism. Include citrus foods or juices in the morning – these metabolism foods help in digesting the food better. Then, through the day, eat small meals oftener instead of waiting till you are ravenous when you tend to eat more. Snack inn fruits, nuts, vegetables. Ass spice to your food – they get the metabolic juices flowing. Red hot chilly peppers are best. Turn your back on sugar – it really is white poison along with refined flour. Use other sweeteners – natural ones like treacle or honey. Drink a lot of water in between meals, never with meals as it tends to water down the acids in the stomach.

Get your seven or eight hours sleep every night and do whatever it takes to cut down on the stress levels. Stress brings on insomnia, it raises the acid levels in the body and it brings down your immunity.

Make sure you follow a metabolism diet with foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fibre- rich foods. Just a bit of extra care and you’ll soon see your metabolism rate jogging along, keeping pace with whatever you eat and keeping you slim and fit.


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    • quaywards profile image

      quaywards 7 years ago

      How very true!

    • NorwinGalle profile image

      NorwinGalle 7 years ago from USA

      Breakfast is needful for your health.SO never skip it.