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Toxic food and Natural colon cleansing:diet and advice

Updated on March 21, 2012

Toxic colon

X-ray of Polyp on a colon*
X-ray of Polyp on a colon*

Toxic food

Whilst I was learning how to rid myself of an external hemorrhoid problem, I came across the subject of toxic food, and the need to implement some form of colon cleansing diet. For a large part of my life I have been slim and could eat anything I wanted, and because I am a non-smoker and occasionally play golf, I have been blessed to keep weight off pretty much all the time. But,as I discovered, there are plenty of unhealthy skinny guys, and oftentimes their poor health results from intake of the wrong kinds of food. Noxious chemicals have been found in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. We need pure water to drink and the other elements to be pure if we want to feel at our best. This becomes difficult if we keep cramming food in to us that is toxic, or that after ingestion, will cause a toxic colon.

*photo by inatiuk

I had to find a way to cleanse the colon of toxic food

If your body is free of toxic build-up and dead cells it will obviously be stronger, healthier and have more energy.   The ideal passage of time for food to pass through the mouth, stomach and out to the toilet is reportedly eighteen to twenty-four hours.  This process takes three days on average, for most people!  It is considered healthy to move the bowels two or three times a day.  If you have three meals a day and go to the toilet once, where are the other meals? Without regular bowel movements, fecal material just sticks to the colon and builds up

This can lead to self-poisoning because the toxins end up in the bloodstream.  Also the faeces harden and this becomes an unhealthy place for bad bacteria and parasitic organisms to flourish.  Why do obese people keep on chowing down?  One reason is a constipated,toxic colon is stopping the nutrients getting through.  You will find that, after a colon cleanse, an obese person will lose weight because the food can traverse the colon area quicker and do its job nourishing the body more effectively.

What is healthy colon cleansing food?

* Fruit-it is a good idea to consume your favorite fruits before midday, because this is when the body's "natural cleansing cycle" occurs. Eating meat and other food at the same time interferes with this helpful cycle

*since fruit digests sooner than other food, it is preferable to eat it earlier in the day so that putrefaction does not occur when other food starts being digested

* Juice. Buy a juicing machine! Mine is lying broke from being over-used! The juicer separates the fiber and pulp and juice and makes the essential mineral and vitamin content easier to be assimilated by our digestive system

Other healthy drinks to accompany a Natural colon cleansing program:

Apple cider vinegar (can be taken with a teaspoon of honey in warm water).

Spirulina-this is a "super food"


A couple of your favorite salads are a good choice at the time when you have the colon cleanse, especially if you include raw vegetables For dinner try steaming or boiling vegetables (but not over-boiled). I took Potato soup and was advised to avoid salt during my colon cleansing detox program.

Beans: Split peas (green and yellow varieties)and lentils are also very easy to digest and do not need long soaking times. Kidney beans, pinto beans and mung beans are also good.

Other food options:

I was able to eat porridge oats with honey for breakfast-and yoghurt (unsweetened) as well.

Brown rice is also acceptable in a colon cleansing diet.

Yes please! More fruit and veggies.

Say yes to fruits and vegetables.  Colon cleansing diet.
Say yes to fruits and vegetables. Colon cleansing diet.

Doing a Natural Colon Cleansing program

Natural detox/Natural colon cleanse accomplished!

It took me over a year to actually start feeling like I had more energy again. In this period I completed at least two 5-6 day natural colon cleansing programs and ate only a colon cleansing diet, with some examples shown above. My hemorrhoid problem got better and eventually disappeared and I had so much more energy and vitality. I had eliminated the symptoms and causes of toxic food and a toxic colon.

You can detoxify and revitalize yourself as well!!Find out more at Natural Detox Tips.


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    • JimDoyle profile image

      JimDoyle 6 years ago from Primbee

      I am following you now,we have a similar product.

    • covenantguy profile image

      covenantguy 8 years ago from New Zealand

      Weep! Yes ,sad but true..

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Sound advice. Skinny doesn't always equal healthy!