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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pregnant Mum

Updated on November 19, 2012
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pregnant mothers can take food with cooling effects three months before delivery. During postnatal period, they are more suitable for food with warming effects. As such, mother could take food with cooling properties during pregnancy and turn to food with warming properties afterbirth.

Bird’s nests might help to reduce discomfort at the early stage of pregnancy like nausea and morning sickness. Bird’s nests are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and contain fibers that fulfill pregnant mother’s need. It is also believed to enhance the immune system, balance the energy, and strengthen the lungs and skin texture. Drinking Ginseng soup and chicken essence will also help to boost up and restore energy, improve body’s immune system and stimulate appetite.

Drinking Du Zhong Red Dates tea can help to strengthen the liver, kidney and back. Mother can drink Manuka Honey, American Ginseng soup, Superior Herbal soup, Ning Shen soup, Ginseng tea to build up immune system and to prevent constipation. Drinking Bei Qi Red Dates tea can help to reduce water retention and cramps. Drinking Shi Er or Shi San Tai Bao can help to reduce the discomfort of hips and tummy during pregnancy.

Early stage (1 – 12 weeks): Bird’s nest, essence of chicken, Chinese Ginseng lungs-strengthening soup, Ning Sheng soup, Superior Herbal soup, American Ginseng soup, Chinese cultivated Ginseng soup, Dang Shen and Red Dates tea.

Mid stage (13 – 28 weeks): Spirullina, Chlorella, Ba Zhen soup, Han Guo Run Fei soup, Ginseng six-flavour soup, Xue Er soup, matured American Ginseng and Astragalus soup, Du Zhong Red Dates tea, Teens’ WITS.

Final stage (29 – 40 weeks): Bird’s nest, Cordyceps soup, Ba Zhen soup, Ning Shen soup, Superior Herbal soup, American Ginseng soup.

Others: Manuka Honey, American Wild Ginseng tea, Four Dates tea and Yu Zhu, Bei Qi Red Dates tea, Shi Er Tai Bao, Shi San Tai Bao


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