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Trails and tribulations in this life

Updated on March 12, 2014

Did you take the red pill today or the blue one?

In this life we all go through things filled with so many ups and downs. There's triumphs, victories, losses suffered, personal struggles, tragedies, set backs and dealing with a vast assortment of other pressing issues. Then there's people looking to achieve greatness, while others are merely looking to simply survive with a 9-5 job or career paying one.

For those who are well esteemed, and fully trained to go at it all with a strong will and determination to make it. Those over motivated super humans tend to do much better in this life. On the other hand the people who haven't the drive or motivation to achieve anything, have the hardest and most difficult time getting anywhere. There's also the great hopeful types who just carry on dreaming up a storm, while trying their hardest to succeed.


Improve your health consciousness and awareness

The truth serum!

Life is what you make it or is it? In all actuality, life isn't quite what it once been in years past.

The land of opportunity has reverted to the place of broken dreams and false promises. New York City use to be a thriving lively town where anyone motivated enough to succeed could. (It still appears to be, but not for those millions more people now struggling to survive.)

Now people are hoping and praying for miracles to happen there, maybe for a life change, a job offer. In many places around the globe people are starving, living down and out from day to day. This all due to a messy economic crisis that's swept everyone into grave times of financial despair. One thing however despite all this madness and sadness going on everywhere, us humans continue to stand to thrive no matter what.

Where many have failed to succeed there shall be others to conquer and surely triumph over such adversity. This is what makes us all uniquely human, because god has designed us to be put through hell, and to survive it so in the end times we all can go to heaven. (According to the bibles teachings.)

Resilience, dexterity, composure, are just some of the terms that somehow redefine a humans true determination factors, which clearly separates us from animals. Our mental capacity is almost computer like in ways due to our innate abilities to archive information, store it, share it, and reproduce massive volumes of this brain stuff.

View of the interior of the Sistine Chapel.
View of the interior of the Sistine Chapel. | Source

"We are the world around us, we are what moves mountains, we are true survivors."

For ages upon ages our bones have been found scattered across this planet. Once thought to have evolved from apes by scientific thought powers. We created weapons of mass destruction, aimed them at one another, even dropped a few ungodly atomic bombs in the past.

So destructive us creatures, but we also are very creative as well. Through the love of the arts, we've sculpted massive statues, painted spectacular portraits like Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Then there's the amazing awe inspiring and compelling artistry of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. They are just two exclusive examples of our true creative powers that all oppose the destructive behaviors and thought processes we do manifest in this world, and there many are many more.

One thing is for certain though, us humans built Rome, Egypt, Greece, and so many great civilizations with our bare hands and definitely not in a day. Humanity has even out smartest the wittiest of characters on earth, by creating such a thing as comedy, film, video, sports, music, the arts, and the silver screen also referred to as the movies and television to display them on.

We even came up with a silly machine known as a computer, which morphed into the the Internet and now cyber life which is filled with online social communities today. We just cannot get enough of each other and our crazy high tech communications.

To be human today seems like its all about being able to reflect on ones past, to absorb things from our surroundings and to also adapt towards a better future in the end, but who knows. I just hope we figure out a way to fix whatever mess we create in the process of it all, and for the sake of our childrens children.

Everest as seen from the south by an aircraft
Everest as seen from the south by an aircraft | Source

I have done it, for I have achieved climbing mount Everest!

Yes we've appeared to have done it all today, and yesterday, and centuries ago. What we haven't done however is eradicated things like hatred, war, injustice, cruelty, disobedience, crime, poverty, personal hardships, pain, and many other global ills as well as social ills.

Drawing comparison to climbing of that massive peak up there in the picture, will definitely be a breath taking thought to imagine. Many have achieved great things in this life and definitely surpassing what was once thought to be an impossibility for us humans, is now achievable by us all.

"Taking that first step to try to achieve something is always followed up with a struggle, and believing in oneself is the only way to make it, or else you will lack the strength, determination and true motivation to make the climb, or to continue after suffering any potential falls on the way up." Original quote by hub author Mike Pugh aka Cloud Explorer.

Authors photo: CloudExplorer
Authors photo: CloudExplorer

Thoughts on Making the climb

You may slip off a ledge or two every now and then, but with true resilience and dexterity of pure faith.

Reaching that personal mountain top of trying to succeed over loads of personal strife and hardships is possible, and definitely achievable.

Mountains and Valleys

In mathematics many of us dedicated students years back have learned all about statistics, about the laws of probability, and calculus. We have also learned within such subjects the fact that there are growth rates, curves that go tangent to a circle, and volumetric expressions of both linearity, and those not so linear in nature. Oh and, let's not forget good ole trigonometry, and how it helped us to master that of the triangle, which is the strongest shape in this known universe. (Without triangles there would be no reinforced structural integrity for most buildings, and city life man made designs of a human kind.)

New age physicist and astronomers have learned to master their technical scales and units of measure to be an absolute approximation. A good example of this is: with the measurement of the curvature of the moon, the distance from earth to that of the sun, and through the help of using mathematical calculations have even developed techniques to dig into the world of the unseen. In all of this technical glory the reality is there's always going to be great slopes involved as in nature, and also steep declines.

By simonov
By simonov | Source

The Inner & Outer Struggle

This is where our struggle begins and within any field of study and as many folks will sense the feelings of things leaning towards the downwards directions, or by them observing such phenomena as declines tend to occur quite frequently as well. (Many scientists study these well known absolute truths, and they try to leverage their calculations to counteract such possibilities of all fluctuations.)

The truth serum here is that there is no escaping this universal truth, we all will tend to experience in life massive win falls, and huge losses as well. This is seen on all levels of our existence on this planet whether we want such an occurrence to happen to us or not. The loss of human life, that of a family member, a good friend, a co-worker, or business associate is a true example of this reality. Then there's the moments when employment is lost, when famine occurs in a country, or even a entire continent. Disease brings down entire families, and members of such once beautiful places on the globe, which is a very unfortunate harsh reality to deal with indeed.

This is the valley concept, and the trials we all are to face as being creatures of this planet, and no single person or animal is safe from such a well known fact. The climbing of mountains in a more figurative sense is all so challenging, because no matter how deep or steep the decline a person has fell into, if you desire to climb out of that gloomy fate of an existence, your determination shall arrive you at a higher plateau as time goes along.

So what is success in life?

True success is balance in ones life, and also is clearing the mind of clutter as well, while making true conscious efforts to stabilize the body for longevity purposes and consistency of good health and overall nutrition.

The ups and downs are in our mind about 90% of it

So yes we are a resilient bunch of foolish characters, but in no way are any of us perfect beings. Imperfections are what we've actually learned to thrive off of. There's always going to be a system in place to counteract each and every gain us humans achieve, and for every loss.

Like in accounting, when it comes to capital gains and losses. In any industry that suffers a major upset and potentially goes bottom up, losing more shares of stock then earning each fiscal year. Due to the not so obvious fact that we are dealing with numbers at all times, with the flow of us humans putting our faith in inanimate objects such as money as consumers and misusing raw materials that are used to push things around.

It has also made us all feel the need to claim possession of these things as well as repossess what we once loaned out to others, in which we once had possessed. (The ownership game gets played on all levels by all walks of life around the globe, but until we learn that sharing is the key to global success we shall continue down such a narrow path of grave failures on all levels.)


Commercialism forces us all to work harder and harder:

The commercial factors of life is compelling today, because in all actuality many of us focus on the gains and losses of this artificial stuff, much more then that of our inner bodily systems and outer natural environment we all depend on for survival.

It's quite the dilemma indeed, and the very reason why us humans fall into various states of depression at times, which may be a side effect of being caught up in a loop of psycho-social manifestations, of being overly burdened mentally with products (Material goods) and the constant desire to have what we perceive that we have not.

Many folks have to much of this stuff and are well over done with excess, and this overloading is simply an imbalance and is totally unnatural. To achieve balance, one must rid themselves of clutter of any kind, and until such a reality is realized such a person will remain in a perpetual feeling of living an unstable life, and no matter how much money they attain or success they believe they might have amounted in it all.

By MDGovpics
By MDGovpics | Source
By Haseo
By Haseo | Source

You are what you eat

If you only knew that what you're eating is causing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and loads more diseases. Health awareness overall is something we all need to begin to focus on, and fix about ourselves as a globe of individuals.

Our human bodies take a blow today

Many people don't realize today that what we eat is what steers us all towards a unhealthy condition of the body, heart and mind. Those who tend to be the most unaware of what they are actually eating are in the worst position. American families are some of the worst eaters worldwide, consuming massive calories per day, loads of cholesterol, sugars and starches.

The main problem with our culture here in the United States is, we seem to have not yet realized the truth that fast foods, and processed foods need to be cut out of the equation of eating altogether.

Big Food is backed by Big Brother:

Many food companies and agricultural corporations are not going to just quit over night and allow the health food movement guru's to shut down their life long operations. This is definitely a huge problem, and each person is effected by the fact that they're not getting the best nutrition from their foods today. (The FDA does what it can, but its not easy to play both sides of the fence when the money that steers our very government comes from the corporations that are feeding us our food to survive.)

There has been progress in terms of the overall number of people who have learned and become more aware today. The health issue that still presents itself is the food options haven't changed overall. Many health stores have erected over night it seems, and much noise was created over the years about the toxicity. Processed foods are truly destructive and we need to begin to realize that by eating acidic foods, and starchy, sugary, salty food, and those artificially and chemically altered will surely drive our health to the ground.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @MrsBrownsParlour, thanks for the cool advice I will try to buy myself some time to absorb it all, and maybe use much of what you stated here to help me configure my future articles on this potential series.

      I'm grateful for your help here, and we shall see in due time as things begin to unfold more and more.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 4 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      You clearly have a lot going on, idea-wise. I feel like that sometimes too, like I've had these thoughts just sitting there for years and I need to get them all out by writing.

      I could see it as a series for sure! If you took just one "thesis" about life per essay, you could draw it out in a way that perhaps more people could easily grasp. You make grand, wise connections but then you go right into the next one, LOL. Many people need to let things brew a little bit to fully absorb the insight. It could start with a question or problem (like your red/blue pill one here) but then stick with only addressing that question. There could be other strategic pieces to the format too, but something characteristic that would tie in each part of the series.

      Anyway, thanks for another thought-provoking, deep piece of writing.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      LOL @MrsBrownsParlour, yes indeed there are several I do believe in terms of the differing essay aspects you pointed out.

      I'm not really sure exactly where all this fits into things in this life per say of today, but I felt an alarming feeling of letting it all out of my mind, because gripping hold to such thought processes I've amounted over the years wasn't doing me any good.

      I know you understand such a feeling as a fellow writer today, so it was imperative to bring sense to my thoughts using Hubpages as a template to mount upon and to let it all out.

      I'm so glad you have actually seen all of those things here from reading my hub, I tend to not have a course of direction with it all, until the very end of writing the articles I write and then I kind of scatter around to place organization into it all, and as I try to make it readable, and in the best format I could muster up.

      I guess there's trials and tribulations we all go through in everything in this life, so maybe I can turn this into a on going series. We shall see.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 4 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      You took on several big issues (perception of reality, success vs. failure, evolution of civilization, personal motivation, balance in a materialistic society, dealing with economic and/or psychological depression, the food industry and health, and more), but the underlying theme seems to be conscious living.

      I agree that we have to face struggles with determination, take care of our bodies, and educate our minds to move forward as individuals and a human race. You make great points, and there could potentially be several separate essays here.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Thanks you @blondey, I'm glad you chose to give my hub here a try and let me know if you get to reading the whole thing in its entirety what you felt about many of its various aspects. We all go through trails and tribulations no matter what species on this great earth. Yup Yup!

    • blondey profile image

      Rosemary Amrhein 4 years ago from Boston, MA

      Wonderful hub, got to reread it later when I get back home. Thanks for sharing the positives and negatives of us humans.

      There are definitely positives. When I have problems I usually revert back to what I was taught as a child, that God -Jesus- suffered and that we can offer our little sufferings up to Him and we feel better.

      :) anyhow, will read more later!


    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @pinto2011, thank you so much for the rave review, and for sharing with me.

    • pinto2011 profile image

      Subhas 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      A very articulated compilation of the events in life. A must read.