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Trainers and Shoes that Help Tone your Calves, Thighs and Bum

Updated on July 20, 2015

Get a Pert Bum and Toned Legs using Toning Shoes

Exercise is essential if you want to tone your legs and bum. Walking, jogging and cycling are all good workouts for your buttocks, calves and thighs, but if you want to fast-track your progress you may want to consider investing in a pair of toning shoes or trainers. These are shoes and trainers that have been especially designed to help you gain a pert bum and toned legs faster than if you were to wear regular footwear. The magic is in the soles of the shoes, often raised and curved, to create an unstable element that you would get if walking on an uneven terrain, thus working more muscles and using more energy. So you not only tone but you also burn more calories, which can help to increase your metabolism. These shoes and trainers can also help to improve posture and lessen the shock impact while walking or jogging. This kind of revolutionary footwear has been designed so that your calves, thighs and bum can get a workout even if you are doing the school run, in the supermarket doing your weekly shop, or doing the housework! Even if you are not out jogging or walking you can still get a pert bum and toned legs, so these kind of shoes and trainers are ideal for those people with a busy lifestyle who aren't able to put aside a lot of time for exercise, as well as those people who exercise every day and want to speed up their progress.

MBT Trainers and Shoes

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) were the first brand to introduce this kind of footwear back in 1996, and they are probably the most popular and well-known. These shoes and trainers are designed with a curved sole, that when walked on creates the same kind of instability as walking barefoot on a soft uneven ground. When you walk in MBT trainers or shoes, your body has to compensate for the instability and regain balance. This works more muscles in the legs and bum, and helps you to improve your posture. This is more difficult to achieve wearing conventional flat shoes and trainers. Even though this kind of footwear is designed to create an uneven walking surface, they are still very comfortable to wear and are made to the highest quality. They come in a range of colours, styles and sizes, and are available to men and women.

Chung Shi Trainers

Chung Shi Trainers are a new kind of concept of trainers, using a different kind of sole, but still aiming for the same goals as MBT footwear. Chung Shi trainers offer a shoe that has been based on ancient Asian wisdom, and combined it with new modern German design and technology. Their shoe has been designed to massage the feet while standing or walking using a 15 degree angle sole with a reflexology center roll bar. These trainers promise a range of benefits such as shock absorbtion for the feet, knees and spine, strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, activation of reflexology zones on the feet and an improvement of circulation in the legs and feet. This is as well as the toning and the firming of the legs, bum and stomach muscles.

FitFlop Footwear

FitFlops were origionally designed by UK qualified personal trainer, Marcia Kilgore. She designed this range of footwear, which just started off as a range of flip flop style sandals, because of her busy work schedule and lack of time to use the gym herself, and wanted to be able to work out and tone while on the go. The sole is similar to that of the MBT footwear, but not as thick or as rounded. FitFlops have gained that unstable wlaking surface by using different materials with different densities in the sole of the shoe. This is what FitFlops call their Microwobbleboard technology, which has been tested at Salford University in Manchester, Uk, and has also been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). FitFlops promise to leg and bum activity by up to 30% which will decrease the pressure on the knees and hips, and also absorb up to 22% more shock than a normal shoe. Also, due to huge demand, the FitFlop concept has now been extended to include a range of shoes, clogs and boots! They are also available to men, women and children.

Skechers Shape Up and Tone Up Footwear

Skechers Shape Up and Tone Up fitness shoes are similar to the MBT trainers, using the thick curved sole. They also use a kinetic foam wedge to create the feeling of walking barefoot on sand, which as we know uses more muscles than if you were walking on a flat surface. Skechers Shape Up and Tone Up footwear basically offer the same range of benefits as the MBT shoes, but Skechers claim to be the "fashionable and stylish" fitness shoe, so if you want to look good while you get a pert bum and tone your legs than maybe Skecher Shape Ups and Tone Ups would be ideal for you! They come in a wide variety of styles, including boots, shoes and even slippers, and in many different colours and sizes, and are available for both women and men.

Reebok EasyTone Shoes

The lasest edition of toning shoes to hit the market are Reebok Easy Tone. These are very similar to all of the other fitness shoes mentioned above, the only difference of Reebok EasyTone is the fact that they use special air pods inside the sole, which causes the imbalance that makes the body work harder and increases muscle activity. Reebok call this "moving air technology" and guarantee that these fitness shoes will give you a firmer butt and legs. Reebok EasyTones come in wide range of styles such as boots, flip flops and trainers, icluding walking, running and workout trainers. Reebok EasyTones are available for men and women.


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