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Most Effective Exercises to Do at Home without Equipment

Updated on March 11, 2015

Short Introduction

In this article, I am going to present you best and most effective exercises to do at home for your body. For a majority of them equipment is not needed, some of them would be useful, but do not worry, you can construct it by yourself!. However, mostly your success depends not on exercises selection, but your will and determination. Keep working hard, do not cheat and you will see the results! Good luck!

I divided my article into a few separate paragraphs, each of them is about one body part and exercises to do at home for it. Moreover, I included some useful goods from Amazon which are recommended to have at home. Nevertheless, they are not urgent and you can reach your goals without them as well. So, let's start.


There are a few effective exercises for your chest, but best of all are dips and pushups.

Pushups - it is really old exercise, everyone has ever heard about it, but it is extremely useful. No equipment is needed! If you can do more than 15 of these easily, put a heavy bag (I think everyone has a bag at home) on your back and then do the exercise. To get most benefits, it would be great if you could do no more than 15 pushups with the loads on your back. If you can do more - increase the weight on your back. What is more, there are a lot of variations of pushups such as diamond pushups, jumping push ups, etc. Do not fear to do these sometimes, variation is good!

However, make sure you do pushups properly. There are thousands of videos on YouTube (one of them is posted below), so do not be lazy and check a few of them.

Moreover, pushups train not only chest, but triceps and ABS as well. If you want to put more pressure on your chest, place your hands on the ground widely. ABS get some pressure in any of these variations.

Dips - however, you will not be able to do these without some equipments. It costs between 50 - 100 dollars and you can find it on Amazon, eBay, etc. There is no doubt it is worth spending these money for this because dips are extremely good for your chest and triceps! If you are a beginner, it is possible that you will not be able to perform even 1 dip. But do not worry, just keep trying and you will see results soon - I promise!

Dips Bar

Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station
Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station

Using this dips bar, you can fully develop your chest and triceps muscles. It costs about 75 dollars. Seems like a lot, but you can do not only dips - you can do some exercises for ABS as well!



How to do a dip properly
How to do a dip properly | Source

How to Do Push Ups

Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars
CAP Barbell HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars

Push Up Bars are not urgent, however it is more comfortable to do push ups using these. It has a few advantages - first of all, you feel more stable while pushing yourself up, what increases the effectivness of the exercise. Moreover, you can avoid pains on your palms or fingers using these.



Legs can be divided into two groups - thighs and calves. Of course, there exist different exercises for both of these body parts. Let's start with thighs:

Probably the king of exercises and the most effective one is squats. You have to include them in your workout routine if you want to have nice legs. However, this is not an easy exercise. To be honest, this is one of the toughest exercises ever, despite of the fact that it looks easy! But again, if you can do more than 15, put a heavy back on and force your thighs work harder! This is the only way you could expect great results. Moreover, squats are good not only for thighs but for butt as well. So women who wish to have round butt should do squats regularly. The great thing is that you do not need any equipment for this fantastic exercise, despite a heavy load (for instance, a bag).

Now let's talk about calves. This muscle is called stubborn. It is extremely tough to get them growing. But it does not mean it is impossible to do that. So, the best exercise for calves is calf raises. In my opinion, those are not so complicated to do as squats or pushups. However, you should be fully concentrated on your calves while doing this exercise.

How to Do Squat


Triceps is quite a small muscle group and it does not require lots of efforts like squats do. There are, I would say, two exercises that fully develop triceps.

One of them is dips. This exercise, as I mentioned before, is good for your chest as well. But if you want to put more pressure on triceps, keep your hands as close as possible to your body - that forces triceps to work harder.

Second exercise is called reverse triceps pushups. It is one of the best exercises for triceps you can do at home without any equipment. This is quite simple and fun to do. Want more pressure? Put a heavy bag on your chest/ABS and push up. For this exercise, all you need is a desk and a heavy bag if it is too easy for you.

How to Do Dips

Reverse Triceps Pushups



Vast majority of people who are interested in exercising want to have six-pack. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get that. Fortunately, it is possible. So, there are three effective exercises you do not want to forget if you are dreaming about six pack.

The first one is crunches. You need nothing but a mat for these. Some people argue that this is not effective. However, this exercise is really good for beginners who cannot perform more complicated exercises. What is more, if you can do more that 15 crunches easily, use weights or do other variations that are harder to do.

Second one is called planks. This seems like an easy one. Actually, it is hard to do but really worth! All parts of ABS are working while you are doing this exercises. Definitely, it should be included in you workout routine.

The last one is hanging leg-lifts. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do these if you do not have a bar. Fortunately, you can construct that easily or buy it at Amazon or eBay, they are cheap. In case you have no possibility to have a bar, you can replace this exercise with leg-raises - this is effective as well.


Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Yoga and Pilates Mat (Red)
Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Yoga and Pilates Mat (Red)

You need nothing to start working out on your ABS if you are a beginner (because if you are advanced, you should use weights), just simple mat for your own comfort. Of course, it would be wonderful if you had pull bar (it lets you do hanging leg lifts), but if you don't - it is OK.


How to Plank


Unfortunately, there are no exercises for back without any equipment. Nevertheless, there is one for which you need only a pull up bar - namely pull ups. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important ones, even if you are going to the gym. Only deadlifts are on the "same importance level". It is no surprise that it is hard exercise and if you are a beginner, you might not be able to do even one pull up. But do not feel upset about it - just keep going, keep trying and you will succeed!

Doing pull ups, biceps get some pressure as well. However, if you want to emphasize these little muscles, do chin ups. In this case, both your back and biceps will be working. Probably, this is the only way to train biceps if you do not have any weights or dumbbels.

Pull Up Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Usually pull up bars are cheap, they cost about 30 dollars. You can construct it yourself easily or find it somewhere in the city, but if you do not want to waste your time, this may be the best choice for you.


How to Do Pull Up

Pull Up vs. Chin Up

Difference between pull ups and chin ups.
Difference between pull ups and chin ups. | Source

Exercises for Muscle Groups

Push Ups
Pull Up
Chin Up
Calf Raises
Reverse Push Ups
Chin Up
Hanging Leg Lifts


Despite the fact that these exercises are really useful, do not expect to become 120 kg monster with 5% body fat or Victoria Secret's supermodel. To achieve those serious goals, you should go to a gym regularly, where appropriate weights, dummbels, bars and other equipments are placed.

Nonetheless, you can lose some weight while doing cardio exercises and be fit doing exercises mentioned in this article!


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