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Training for 5k – Helpful for Optimal Speed, Endurance and Marathons

Updated on June 1, 2011

Anyone who is determined to be a runner in the long run, I think training is necessary in every case. Training for 5k is a kind of training that is important to carry out specially 5k run. Nowadays 5k training is getting more popularity among different runners even different Olympic athletes. This training is not only helpful for runners but also to lose extra weight as well as to keep the body sound.

If you fix your mind to take training for 5k then you need to know what kind of runner you are actually what sort of runner you want to be. There are three main types of 5k runners - Speed runners, endurance runners and marathon runners. Speed runners who are after maximum speed and somewhat aggressive also. Endurance runners always try to go on for as long as they can. And the marathon runners need both things endurance along with acceptable speed. If you are a speed runner then you need particular strength and have to take training that turns around your speed. In case of being endurance runner or marathon runner, you need to show consistency to go on long way with your speed. According to your choice and ability you need to choose a particular training for 5k run.

Some tips are training for 5k programs

Few types of 5k training programs are available which are maintained by different training schedulers. First you have to maintain a treadmill during the training. If you run on a definite treadmill, you are compelled to get extra benefit and it is solely proven by lots of runners. Aside from maintaining a daily grind, you should try one other venue that is track. Running on track is different from running on the road. Both running is essential to train up yourself because this would help you to make your tendons more flexible.

To get yourself more confident, you could combine your 5k training with a 10k training program because it would help you in different way even you don’t know. Training for 5k is really important for marathon beginners as this is the base for marathon runners. Before ending the 5k training you should switch to a 5k pace for the last few weeks. It would be better if you can finish your 5k training at the beginning of the entire program that is followed by half marathon and marathon phase. Before participating in a 5k run, I recommend you to take a moderate to high intensity session for few days that would help you to get extra strength in your muscle. After having this session, a few days interval is necessary before the race to relax the muscle and for a powerful run. There is a 1:2 ratio workout program in 5k training that means after one short workout, do two longer workouts. This kind of workout helps to control the muscle tension and it has a positive effect in the performance. These are salient tips of training for 5k.


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