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Transcended State

Updated on November 21, 2015



Transcended State

Different cultures have different religious belief systems however; it does not deny that through meditation we find a higher power or that a higher power is our intermediary and we can acheive optimal health and heal our bodies. It is this intermediary, that looks after our overall health when we communicate through meditation or prayer in a transcended state of mind.

Part of our being and what we are drawn to in our lives shows how we actually perceive things in a spiritual world, a world within our world, yet not seen physically; we look at ourselves on an emotional yet transcended level. Over centuries and within most every culture there is a belief system, prayer system, meditative state, or a transcended state of mind on how we view the processes in our lives, and those processes are undeniable that can help us to heal.

The Bible mentions “The Tree” numerous times in it, in finding out more about us mentally and physcially; it is also mentioned in revelations. Our bodies are made up of “Dendrites” cells or receptor neurons shaped like “trees” that open the channels of communication to our brains. In Greek, Dendrites has a meaning of “tree.” All human beings were given the opportunity to be afforded a transcended state of mind through prayer and the “tree of life.”


So human beings can seek there higher power and meditate visualizing all the dendrites (trees) in the body and immune system create an electrical current through the body to the white blood cells in the bone marrow that when it is released I want it to attack any defective cells in the body and sweep out any and all the abnormalities that are impeding health. I want it to flow through the bloodstream without any interruptions so that all parts of the bone, organs and blood become nourished with all the good cells. From Brain to Bloodstream the LIQUID FLUIDCY of it will rejuvenate the psyche, then the bones, muscles and every organ. Dopamine will flow to the adrenal glands and the pancreas will produce the needed insulin in my body and the oxygenated cells will give my muscles and organs betterfunction. (Meagan, Frances, (2009) Natural Health) All the proper chemicals reactions convection, conduction, evaporation, and oxygenation will engage the body to give it better function. A burst of Adrenaline will flow through my adrenal glands that will produce nutrients and metabolize energy into all parts of my body and bones. The brain will and can communicate it and produce the substances needed to bring the body into optimum health.

This alternate therapy has been proven in the Medical World to Cure.

Prayer, faith, and a transcended state of mind will guide and gauge a new change in the body through a higher power and lucid brain activation.

Here is a short meditative summary or prayer to include with the above thought process.

My Higher Power in itself it has strings of intelligence and is nowhere yet everywhere. Therefore I know I will HEAL.

To the elements and the four winds, my higher power and a resolution. All dreams are possible and nothing is impossible our dreams hold many possibilities.

“In every atom there are worlds within worlds.”

Since Disease is an outside organism. It is not of our inner body and not of our inner world. We can dispose of it. It has its own world to go to.

As to the human body, so is the cosmic body

As to the Mind, so is the cosmic mind

As to the Microsym, so is the macrosym.

Ours is Unity in Nature:

  • Tariya is the 4th dimension there are three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping.
  • Para is the great beyond in the 4th dimension where you transcend in a “Transcended Meditation” state.

It is strange but wondrous when you think of it. Certain Animals do not perceive or see the physical world like humans do. They see it in black and white and it is multi-faceted. Their senses for hearing, tasting and touching are increased and they were like this at their inception, at birth. We humans have our five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell. We view our physical world in all its splendor and color.

Our World is ten dimensional and four of them are within our reach, at present and practiced. The Primordial field is our level of awareness and it is enhanced and we can transcend in our Meditation state. We may one day be able to reach the other six dimensions. Another may be when we escape death and see ourselves and re-enter our bodies.

Different cultures call it by different names such as Tammatras in Ayurveda. (Curas Aternativas)

  • Physis: The Greek word and meaning: the LIQUID THAT FLOWS THRU ALL LIFE!
  • Physics: Recognizes the electromagnetic field or QUANTUM field of energy that flows thru light, stars, candles, and our bodies in every direction.
  • Morpheus: Greek God of Dreams

A totally fluid entity that coordinates a piece of the Non-material World with the Material World.

With that the key is to tapping into the Non-Material World to deflect any defects or outside organisms with the “transcended state of visualization” using faith first to repair inside the mind and/or the brain that can transmit to the proper cells to respond with an electrical charge mobilizing all three cell groups in all directions bone, fiber, muscle and bloodstream in appropriate amounts of chemicals. Our bodies need nutrients and minerals high in Anti-oxidants to flush out all the toxins from our inner environment to the like substances we consume.

This is a reality in this WORLD, the body, a choice of a MEDIATOR or higher power and those who intercede on my behalf in the spiritual world or in their respective world both Non Material and Material so that it can become a fact an actual event.

Fluid, Electric, Infinite and Omnipotent.

Volume 1, Issue 31, 3-31-2013


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