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Transforming your body

Updated on May 3, 2016
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I am a fitness enthusiast who wants to help people see the benefits of personal fitness to allow people to live their lives to the fullest.

Whether you’re trying to get beach body ready or just trying to boost your self-esteem, transforming your body can be a very challenging feat; like with anything worth having in life it’s going to require hard work, consistency, and discipline. It’s different from just losing weight where you eat smaller portions of food throughout the day with some cardio or a Zumba class; in order to transform your body your diet plan and your fitness plan with be tweaked a bit. Ok I lied, your diet plan and fitness plan will be completely different. Keep in mind before you get started that you’ll need a measuring tape instead a scale to track your progress.

Lean muscle

Mentioned in previous articles, building lean muscle can help you burn fat; this means that in your quest to become a new you, you’re going to need to build lean muscle. So just spending time on treadmill won’t cut it. This will involve some strength training.; I know when you think of strength training you’re probably thinking about lifting large amounts of weight or huge muscles, but no (unless that’s what you’re aiming for); for starters there are plenty of ways to build muscles without using weights at all. Exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, squats, lunges, or calf raises are all moves that can be done at home. Now let’s say you want to put that gym membership to good use and you decide to use weights then it would be important to know the difference between a bulking up set and a toning set. A bulking up set is a rep range between 8 to 10; it involves using heavy weights with a rest period lasting about between 1 to 3 minutes. On the other hand, a toning set is a set that consist of using lighter weight (not too light), with a rep range between 12 to 15 with a resting period lasting between 30 to 60 seconds.

Interval training

Interval training involves alternating between two or more activities where the intensity, speed, and the level of effort shifts. One of if not the best form of cardio, interval training is very challenging, but is a great way to burn off fat. If you are just starting you may want to build your stamina before adding this form exercise to your routine. Another thing you can do if you have access to a treadmill is set your treadmill on the interval mode (by now all treadmills should have this feature) where you can set a low speed to start off and after a set time the treadmill will shift to an advance speed that you set for yourself. Interval training is known for a metabolic boost which may last up to 24 to 48 hours making it easy to burn fat.

Proper diet

With these intense workouts you’re going to need a proper diet; this is not a time (I repeat not the time) to skip a meal. You have to repair those torn muscle tissues in your body which means anything high in protein will get the job done (fruit smoothies will not do the trick). Foods such as baked chicken, baked fish, or just a protein shake will help you recover after a intense workout. Keep in mind you have a short window of opportunity to get this protein in your system and if you miss it your body will begin to eat at your muscles.

Proper rest

It is just as important to get some sleep as it is refueling your body after an intense workout. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to recover. Don’t take sleep for granted if you don’t get enough sleep not only will your body not fully recover, but it will definitely effect your performance in your personal life and your next gym session.

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Plan ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail; if you don’t have a plan going into this thing there is so much that can go wrong. For example, not planning a meal after a workout can result in a wasted day because your body started to eat at your muscle for lack of protein. Another example would be arriving late to work because you didn’t plan your bedtime so you overslept. It’s said that your workout routine should blend in with your daily life especially if you’re building the new you. This is going to take a lot of discipline; it’s nothing to pick up and drop off whenever you want unless you like wasting time and annoying your friends with your “I’m going on a diet”, “new year new me”, “I’m going to be right for the summer” Facebook post.


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