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Transition Real Time.

Updated on January 1, 2015

Woah there.

People, we all make fun of the same people every year that start working out and going to the gym then abandon their routine. To our own dismay, we have also been that very same person knowing fully well that the shaming brought about recently has scared us from making the effort. What!? Come on, it's the effort and guess what there's so many resources out there to help you make that goal a real success. However, don't get the public shame of people embarrassing those that get distracted from their goals as your inspiration. First, negative reinforcement is abusing yourself and it's not healthy your more likely to fail. Second, the person talking to you like that is probably not doing anything with their life. I have never in my life met a truly happy or successful person and they went around laughing at people who couldn't reach their goals through public humiliation. Don't abandon the New Year's Resolution because it's the holiday to celebrate. Would you drop presents from Christmas for the same reason or fireworks for fourth of July. Keep in mind, when you set goals in our society it's almost natural in our culture to beat ourselves up.

Just Do It.

When we set goals, we go hard at first. That's great, I honestly think that's great sometimes our lifestyle does not allow us to go any farther on that matter. What inspires you? I love writing, when I write I'm happy this is how I communicate. It's very hard with schitzo effective features in bipolar to communicate sometimes, when you do something in life on a regular basis that you love, a true passion meeting a goal becomes a daily clockwork. I'm not saying it's easy at all, what I am saying is with God it becomes so tangible that you expect it to get done like a chore. Through Christ the pain turns into his love, covered with his blood. In this spiritual war we must stay fit in every area to be in constant prayer, and to never be fooled by the enemy. To understand that spiritual warfare comes in full force when the season comes to an end. When words cut you like a knife, glares as hostile as the snake himself I plead with all my readers to come to God this year. As my Lord and Savior, he guides me day to day in a world where things are just as real spiritual. I have no idea of the earth, the Kingdom of God is real.

Show time.


God makes all things possible, and all things are possible through Christ. He chooses the path that is best for you and he gives you the testimony. I love to learn, that's what I do in my free time I listen to books, I read, and I write. God has given me the ability to use my education and intelligence to preach his gospel and spread his word. I speak many languages of the arts and sciences. In God's Kingdom he has given me a brain, without question my heart soul and mind belongs to him. I am at his will, all this was given to me at his love and mercy. The power of Jesus, ladies we will all reach our goals this year and next year and the year after. I am here to stay and I'm not going anywhere until everyone knows what I know.


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