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Tread Climber

Updated on July 20, 2009

If in search of the ultimate in home exercise machine to feel better and to live a active and healthy lifestyle, than look no further than one of the Tread Climber fitness trainers. Bowflex manufactures a series of TreadClimber cardio machines - including the new TC5500 - TC5000 - TC3000 - and TC1000 models.

The Bowflex cardio machines are able to reduce the overall time committed to an exercise routine in view of the super-efficient and low impact workout routines. With an option to tailor an exercise routine to fit within an individuals comfort and fitness level - from a complete novice to an established athlete. The exercise climber offers a multitude of electronic functions to monitor a complete workout - such aspects displayed on the LCD window include speed, time, calories burned, distance, total steps and the amount of calories that have been burnt. All with a choice of up to twelve resistance settings.

The TreadClimber operates in a similar fashion to a treadmill, with its innovative dual treadles which rise up to cushion each individual stepping motion - a great way of eliminating the often jarring impact of flat, hard surfaces and as a result limits the stress on muscles and joints that's often a downside to other exercise trainers, such as a regular treadmill.

The TC3000 and TC3000 are both popular models of the Tread Climber cardio machine all featuring an array or impressive features and electronics to set a vigorous workout at an ideal intensity level to achieve the desired routine. These machine come in a compact, and space-saving size, so more able to fit in a room that might of been difficult to fit a elliptical or treadmill machine.

These versatile and multi-functional TreadClimbers are often seen to offer a more effective routine than a traditional treadmill, often better than an elliptical exercise machine, and offers a workout that's gentler than an time-honored stair climber.

If looking at alternatives to the TreadClimber there is the Verse Climber - this is another cardio machine to give an intense workout in a space efficient and versatile designed trainer. The VersaClimber delivers a total body workout in a vertical climbing motion to effective burn away that ugly fat.

The Tread Climber offers a terrific, quality exercise machine for all those intent on burning the fat and becoming physically fit. If a visit to a local gym isn't a practical solution than it might be wise to investment in one of the TreadClimbers manufactured by Bowflex to get an invigorated workout all resulting in the desired level of daily exercise.


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