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Treadmill With TV - LCD Television Treadmill TV Stands and Holders

Updated on February 19, 2012

One of the major reasons people lose motivation to exercise at home is sheer boredom. Staying motivated while performing a repetitive, tiring task like any kind of exercise regime, regardless of your reasons for doing so, is not easy and using treadmill exercisers is no different. That's why you need something to make things more interesting and why you can find a treadmill with TV attached in most commercial gyms across the country.

It doesn't matter how motivated you think you are there will come a point when you will become bored or less motivated to work out. It happens to us all and running machines are quite mind-numbing in their repetitiveness. This is why when you walk into any gym there are almost always a row of televisions set up right in front of the treadmill machines. They know without some form of distraction their members will get bored so they compensate for it.

Some have started to make treadmills with televisions built in so there's no need to reorganise whatever room you situate it in or position it around an existing television set which is likely to be an inconvenience you'll not enjoy.

These TV treadmills are designed so you'll not have to strain your eyes and ears to see a screen across the room or crane your head to the side to see a poorly positioned television or have to move the treadmill to be closer to an existing screen. Treadmills with a TV screen attachment are designed to avoid all this to give you a comfortable viewing angle and a built in entertainment option guaranteed to make your fitness time fly by.

Options To Buy A Treadmill With A TV Attachment

There are basically three different types of TV treadmill you can find on the market today, well actually two and one cheat method which will work just as well and work with any of the cheaper running machines too. Lets start with that one since it's the cheapest method and saving cash is awesome...

#1 Adjustable TV Stands For Treadmills

The first option will work with any form of home exercise machine. That option is to go with an adjustable tall TV stand for treadmills. These are designed specifically to work in conjunction with exercise machines like elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and of course running machines too. The height is adjustable so you can always locate the screen at eye level so you maintain good posture while working out with your eyes straight ahead, no craning of your neck etc.

This is a cheaper option as treadmills with inbuilt LCD TV screens are typically found at the higher end of the market which may be too a little too pricey for many of us. Treadmill TV stands by comparison, can be picked up for under $400 (LCD included) or under $100 for just the stand and often come with a DVD player too so it's totally possible to get the whole package for under $1000 rather than spending double that on one with a built in television screen...although, these are also typically of a much better quality so you're not just paying for the gimmick.

Invu 15-Inch LCD TV with Built-In DVD Player and Stand
Invu 15-Inch LCD TV with Built-In DVD Player and Stand

An all-in-one solution to beating exercise boredom, this adjustable TV stand for treadmills features a 15" screen with a builtin DVD player so you'll never need to be bored during your workout again. Full specifications are available.


#2 Treadmill TV Attached To Frame

The second option is to find a TV treadmill with an LCD TV attachment built directly onto the frame. These are a popular choice amongst gyms and fitness clubs and are becoming popular amongst home users too.

These feature small screens built onto the frame and positioned above the console at eye level so you can work out, watch movies and keep from getting bored and still retain good posture without having to compromise.

Bladez DX7T-MEO Folding Treadmill
Bladez DX7T-MEO Folding Treadmill

This features a 2.75 hp motor with speeds ranging from 0 - 10 mph with a deck incline of 0 - 12 degrees. 14 preset fitness programs give you different exercise options and the folding design means you can store it away when not in use. The built in 7" color TV screen has an adjustable screen angle for comfortable viewing.


#3 Treadmill With Console Television Screen

The third option is to look at treadmill television screens built in to the console itself. Basically, you have the digital console with all the feedback and readings this gives you on a typical running machine but now you also have a tv built into the console too.

Whilst this sounds like a good solution, there are a couple of reasons why this might not be the best solution. For example, to look at the console you have to look down rather than straight ahead as is more comfortable and gives rise to a better posture. The second reason is a more pessimistic one - if something goes wrong with the console, you lose both and you'll need to repair both which can be costly.

Still, many people like the in dash style and they are a little cheaper so you might do too.

Further Accessories For Treadmill Use

As well as protecting yourself from boredom with a TV accessory you might to consider shaking up your entertainment with a treadmill book holder so you can check out a book or a magazine whilst you work out. Remember, the more distractions and the more varied you can make your fitness regime, the more likely you are to stick with it and meet your fitness goals.

Another entertaining alternative is listen to music or an audiobook while you work out. Audio books can be expensive however but one great way to always have a constant stream of new books is to consider renting audio books online from one of the sites which are like a netflix for audio book readers. Many of these sites offer free audiobook rental trials so you can try before you buy.


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