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Treatment of Hepatitis B Prevents Infection by Hepatitis D

Updated on May 17, 2014

Hepatitis virus D cannot live without hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis is simply inflammation of the liver. This inflammation is brought on by different virus, among others. Hepa virus A brings on hepa A; hepa virus B brings on hepa B; hepa C virus brings on hepa C; hepa D virus brings on hepa D; hepa E virus brings on hepatitis E; hepa virus G brings on hepa G. Still to be fully described is hepa virus TTV..

Virus is a very small thing; it cannot be seen by the naked eye or optical microscope. It can be seen by the electron microscope.

There are two kinds of virus: RNA virus or ribonucleic acid virus. and DNA virus or deoxyribonucleic acid virus. DNA is a heredity material, part of gene that is, in turn, part of chromosome. DNA and RNA always work in tandem to make an organism that can multiply. In humans, the DNA contains the information code to make a protein that results in a tissue that results in an organ that results in a human being. The RNA is the message in the making of a protein like skin or mole. DNA alone or RNA alone cannot produce a cell or a tissue or an organ. The DNA virus or RNA virus is only a message. It is not an organism. An organism, whether single-celled, like bacterium, or multi-celled has the DNA and RNA working in tandem to be able to multiply.

How does a virus cause inflammation?

Let’s take hepatitis B virus. It is DNA virus. By itself, it is not considered as living. But once it gets into a cell, it becomes alive. First, DNA virus enters a cell through an opening in the cell membrane. Inside the cell it goes to the RNA of the cell. So now, the tandem DNA-RNA is formed that enables the hepa B virus to infect and replicate. As it multiplies, hepa B virus gets nutrition from liver cells. In short it parasitizes the liver cell that is injured resulting in inflammation. Liver is an organ that when a lot of its cells had been inflamed does not work well that results in symptoms like jaundice, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort.

How the DNA virus commandeers the RNA is more complicated than as outlined above. Suffice it to say that DNA virus commandeers the RNA of the host cell to be able to infect and multiply. A virus multiplies its population two times every 20 minutes. When the population has grown such that the cell membrane can no longer accommodate them, the membrane bursts and millions of hepa B virus spread to other cells. The former host cell either dies or becomes abnormal and inflamed. Infection can be acute, meaning for a short duration; or chronic, meaning for a long duration. Hepatitis virus can stay in the body of a human being during the whole lifetime if not eliminated.

Treatment of Hepa B

Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted by sexual contact, blood transfusion, or inherited from the mother. A newborn delivered by a mother with hepa B will get infected by hepa B virus if s/he is not vaccinated. Symptoms of hepa B infection show in six months.

The first dose of hepa B vaccine should be given after birth or within 2 months. The second dose must be given in one to 2 months after the first dose. The third dose should be administered between 6 months and 18 months of age.

"If you have chronic viral infection, then you are at risk for developing cirrhosis and/or liver cancer....

"The goal of the treatment is to reduce the amount of virus in your body and thus lower the risk of getting cirrhosis or cancer...." (Abou-Alfa, G. K, MD. and R. P. DeMatteo, MD. page 11).

The vaccine against hepa B virus cannot eliminate the virus completely from the body after the infected person had become well. That is unlike hepa A virus that can be eliminated completely by a person when he gets well from hepa A.The fellow is at risk for developing cirrhosis and liver cancer.(Abou-Alfa and DeMatteo). Cirrhosis is scarred liver tissue; it is like embalming while the person is still alive.

What is hepatitis D virus?

Hepa D virus is also called delta agent. It is an incomplete virus in that it cannot exist without another hepa virus. Hepa D virus cannot exist without hepa B virus.

“It may be responsible for both more severe acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis” (Heathcote, MD, et al. Living with Hepatitis C. Revised edition. 2003:9).

“Infection with this virus is largely limited to specific geographic areas, including southern regions of Italy and part of South America. In North America, hepatitis D virus is most commonly seen among intravenous drug users who have hepatitis B. Although there is no specific vaccine for this virus, effective use of hepatitis B virus vaccine will eliminate the risk for hepatitis D virus infection, as the latter cannot survive without hepatitis B” (Heathcote, MD, same source as above).

What is disturbing is that hepa B virus vaccine cannot completely eliminate hepa B virus from an infected person who got well.

Infusion chelation therapy as treatment for hepa B

Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD, a Filipino internist and chelationist, discovered that hepa B can be cured by infusion chelation therapy. I have a Hub “A medical breakthrough in the control of hepatitis B by chelation therapy.”

There are two important tests for hepatitis One is the qualitative test. It shows that a person is infected with virus. Another is the quantitative test. It shows the virus load. It is needed when treatment is being considered. It is used to monitor the decrease in virus load when treatment is in progress. It can be used to predict whether the treatment will lead to cure or not. After the treatment, another qualitative test is made to see if the virus had been eliminated.


Just like the case of HIV/AIDS, a case of hepa B is accorded confidentiality. That is, the doctor cannot divulge to just anybody, except the patient or proxy, that a person is being treated of hepa B. The most that the doctor can reveal is the number of persons being treated, without mentioning names.

The treatment being administered by Dr. Estuita in his clinic is considered clinical practice. It is not public research where the public is informed of the progress or results or the sponsor of research can reveal names or the progress of the research with the consent of patients.

Dr. Estuita is not yet applying any statistical design in analyzing the effectiveness of infusion chelation therapy against hepa B. The main reason is that the persons who come for treatment constitute the number of cases. There might be people willing to volunteer for the treatment to get cured and for the sake of proving that it is effective. However, there is no effort to recruit volunteers. Besides, treatment incurs costs. A small or moderate clinic may not be able to afford costs unless volunteers also paid for their own treatment.

So one case of effective treatment is considered anecdotal. Dr. Estuita is vigilantly making observations and records of his hepa B patients. In the future cases will find their use when the number will be sufficient to quality for analysis with the use of statistical design. Dr. Estuita told me that five cases of successful treatment is sufficient to have confidence that the treatment is effective. As of September 2012, he had treated 10 patients successfully.

For example, the approval of the use of stent in angioplasty. The Food and Drug Administration of the USA evaluated the medical record of 2,000 patients who had stent and found that the number of those who got well with stent was significant. These patients did not volunteer to satisfy a statistical design of a medical research; they went for angioplasty with stent for real cure. This significant number warranted the approval of the use of stent in angioplasty.

So those who go for hepa B treatment now will in the future contribute to the approval by an accreditation agency like FDA of infusion chelation therapy as a protocol to cure hepa B.

There are people who are willing to take the risk in taking hepa B treatment. They do not care about the statistical design. All they care about is that they get cured. It was like the case of coronary arterial bypass graft surgery. (CABG). At the start there were only few people willing to take the risk of undergoing CABG. With a lot of people going for CABG came the clamor for medical research by government agencies applying statistical design. Enough volunteers became available.

It would be nice if a sufficient number of people were to volunteer to satisfy a statistical design to prove that infusion chelation therapy is effective against hepa B. That is, to satisfy a statistical design and get cured of hepa B as well. So far, patients are coming in individually to get cured of hepa B.

Now, we are fortunate that a cure for hepa B prevents hepa D.

Editing as of Feb. 25,2014

“Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA test can detect the presence of viral DNA and measure the amount of DNA ( viral load ) in the patient’s blood.” DNA test is done by quantitative real-time PCR in Rotor-GenTM 6000. The protocol using this gadget is superior to the earlier hybrid-capture PCR method. It is more sensitive; it can also quantify viral DNA load in the range of 5X102 to 1X108 copies per milliliter without dilutions (sksingha. Hepatitis B - Detection, Quantitation and Molecular Characterization February 25,2014). PCR means polymerase chain reaction.

Lamivudin is the drug being used today to treat hepatitis B. However, hepatitis virus have developed resistance to it. The virus mutates from a long term treatment with lamivudin resulting in a new strain This strain can infect a person and multiply (Same source as above).

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  • conradofontanilla profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Philippines


    Let's take a second look. It should be: hepatitis D virus cannot exist without hepatitis B virus. It goes without saying that to treat hepatitis B is to prevent hepa D. I have Hubs on hepa B and C.

  • torrilynn profile image


    6 years ago


    i never knew that the treatment of hepatitis b

    prevented hepatitis d. the fact that hepatitis d can exist without

    hepatitis b is quite amazing. thanks for the information.

    Voted up.


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