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Treat Headaches with Herbal Remedies

Updated on March 23, 2011

Herbal Headache Treatments

There are plenty of herbal headache remedies which can help relieve suffering!
There are plenty of herbal headache remedies which can help relieve suffering!

Introduction to Herbal Remedies for Headaches.

In our day to day life headaches and migraines become more and more common.  With the increase in stress, pollution, and medication, it's not surprising that headaches and migraines are on the rise.  To deal with headaches and migraines there is a wide range of painkillers available, but do we really want to take these day in and day out?

To deal with this there are plenty of headache headache remedies and treatments which can help to sooth and relieve headaches.

Herbal Treatment for Cluster Headaches

luster headaches are very similar to migraines, and can be extremely painful, and are called cluster headaches because they come in clusters.  The clusters all occur around the same time, but may have gaps of weeks apart.  Herbal treatment for cluster headaches often comes in none other than the Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne is a natural way to relieve cluster headaches, not to mention a great way to make your food taste great.

As well as cayenne, melatonin has been suggested as a way to reduce headache frequency and pain.  Melatonin is a hormone supplement that is a natural extract, although being a hormone supplement we do not suggest regular use.

If you want to use Cayenne as a herbal treatment for cluster headaches you can either use it regularly in your food, or take it as a herbal tablet supplement.

Herbal Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Migraines are one of the most severe headaches a person can suffer, it spreads quickly and can cause visual problems, including flashing lights and even blindness.  Migraines may even cause nausea, depression and irritability.

There are two major herbal treatments for migraines, which are feverfew and ginkgo biloba. Both of these are great for increasing mental acuity as well as relieving migrane symptoms as a natural herbal memory.

On top of taking Feverfew and Ginkgo to reduce migraines you can also take supplimetns for magnesium, Vitamine B2, and 5-HTP. These can reduce both the severity and the frequency of migraine attacks!

Herbal Treatment for Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are often caused by stress, but have often been known to appear completely out of the blue. Tension headaches are recognized by their dull and persistant ache in back of the head and the neck. Tension headaches can often cause insomnia and irritability, fortunately there are some great herbal remedies to treat tension headaches.

One of the simplest ways to treat tension headaches is with lavender, using a lavender bag can often help you relax, and lessen the headache. This can often lead to sleep, and help lessen irritability, as well as lower the pain from the tension headache.

Peppermint Oil is another well known herbal remedy for tension headaches, and can reduce the symptoms of this dibilitating condition.  Pepperming oil can be ingested in capsule form, topically applied to the afflicted area, or the leaves of the peppermint leaves can be used to create peppermint tea!  The peppermint herbal remedy is a great way to relieve tension headaches.


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    • shazwellyn profile image


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Well done Oli. Brilliant hub! I shall take a mental note of these! Shaz x

    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      I hate headaches and unfortunately get them fairly often. But I also hate taking medicine, so I appreciate all your ideas for natural remedies! Thanks!

    • Hokey profile image


      8 years ago from In the energy.

      Great Hub Oli! You have done your research! Thanks for sharing this. I have a friend with this problem and am going to forward it to him.


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