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Treat Ringing Of The Ears Naturally

Updated on May 2, 2011

What Is Ringing Of The Ears

Ringing Of The Ears is also known as Tinnitus, it is a persistent humming, buzzing,ringing or whistling sound in the ears that effects mostly old people but it can also effect the young as well. Tinnitus is the latin word for "ringing", up to 20% of the population will at some point experience this condition and seek medical help for treatment.

For some people, usually if you are over 60 this condition can be quite intrusive and it can interfere with your sleep and can lead to anxiety and depression.Research has shown that 80% of all tinnitus sufferers have some form of hearing loss.

The most causes of ringing of the ears is repeated exposure to loud noises such as gunshots, rock music or industrial machinery.Repeated exposure to these noises can damage the nerves in the ears which are needed to detect sound.

Other causes which can be easily cured are a build up of wax in the ears, drinking too much alcohol, ear infections, bad blood circulation or side effects from your medications and antibiotics.Research has also shown that tinnitus is not only a problem with the inner ear but a nerve malfunction in the brain.

Ringing Of The Ears
Ringing Of The Ears

What Supplements Can Help Treat Ringing Of The Ears?

For many chronic sufferers who need Help For Tinnitus and experience this condition which there are no known causes supplements can help, these include vitamins, minerals and herbs. You should see a difference within a month and they should be taken long term to help minimize symptoms.

Because bad circulation in different parts of the brain can effect the inner ears and cause tinnitus, ginkgo biloba can help.This is a herb that can help relieve your symptoms in most cases, you will need to take it for a few weeks to notice any positive results.

B Vitamins such as niacin can also help with poor circulation and is effective as it helps dilate blood vessels in the brain.Other supplements that have shown to be effective for ringing of the ears are vitamins B6 and B12.These vitamins are needed or healthy nerves and helps them function properly.

Magnesium can also be taken has it also helps with nerve function.If you are deficient in magnesium it can cause your blood vessels to constrict which prevents circulation in the brain.Zinc is also needed as the inner ear has high levels of zinc than other parts of the body.If your zinc levels are low tinnitus can develop.

What Else Can Be Done To Minimize Symptoms?

Here are some additional tips on what else you can do to minimize your symptoms.

  • Reduce your intake of alcohol, coffee, aspirin and nicotine.All of these can make your symptoms much worse.
  • Acupuncture is a good treatment to help relieve the ringing of the ears.
  • Have your hearing checked regularly, if you have a hearing aid it may need adjusting which can eliminate or reduce the ringing.
  • Ask your doctor about ear devices that can mask or cover up tinnitus especially if you are having trouble sleeping.
  • Improve circulation by exercising regularly which can also minimize symptoms.
  • Yoga can also help as it increases your concentration levels and helps control your blood pressure.
  • To help circulation massage rose oil around the head and behind the ears, rosemary is a great herb that stimulates the nervous system and helps with circulation.
  • Regularly clean your ears and remove the wax to prevent your condition from getting worse, for some people cleaning the ears is enough to make their symptoms disappear.


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