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Treating Addiction: Addict Rehab Centers

Updated on June 30, 2010

It is fundamentally incorrect to make the unilateral determination that the various medical and clinical research conducted to date in any way supports the view that most substance addicts will derive any positive effects from fairly short interventions in a Rehab Center. Applying such a misconception can readily cloud the understanding of the parameters, structures and limitations of this research.

The concept that many short intervention studies can be taken overall to mean that they apply equally to all patients seeking assistance with substance abuse problems is a faulty determination and it is one that should not be undertaken if a comprehensive scientific evaluation of the overall data in the field is the desired result. In actual practice, naturally, patients control the intensity and duration of therapy because they are generally unrestricted from dropping out at any period of their choosing or otherwise fail to adhere with the direction of their therapists, such as maintaining Rehab Center appointments, practice the skills they have acquired, take medication on a regular basis and other professional pronouncements.

The rates of dropout and non-compliance are generally rather elevated in many programs, and the amount and time period of therapy which is physically received by patients is well below that which has been previously established for intentionally short Rehab Center interventions. The patients who fit into the categories of dropouts and non-compliers generally do worse than those who have completed the entire range of therapeutic programs and have gained a passing grade from their professional therapists.

This should not be misunderstood as evidence to support the view that more therapy is better than less therapy, since those patients who fully complete therapy may be to some degree and manner more highly motivated than those who fail to complete the entire Rehab Center therapeutic course. This factor may accounts to a considerable degree for the results of uncontrolled studies which have concluded that there exists a sequence of positive relationships between duration of therapy for alcoholism or narcotic addiction and the specific outcome of the particular therapy involved.

Intentionally short interventions of up to eight sessions seem to provide elements of success to patients who already experience a level of social stability and combine that with the fact that they are low to moderately dependent individuals with alcohol beverage problems. There are a number of cases whereby patients with alcohol problems may require longer term Rehab Center therapies however the lower and upper limits for therapy that is both effective in results as well as cost effective have not yet been established. Several studies have demonstrated therapy of a brief duration can be just as effective as that which takes a considerable longer period of time to complete.

Continuing assistance to the addict is usually comprehended as a period of Rehab Center therapy that follows the termination of a comprehensive and often residential program. The goal is always to prevent relapse back into the vicious spiral of addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol.

Continued In - Treating Addiction: Addict Rehab Centers Part 2


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