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Treating Addiction: Addict Rehab Centers Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

This form of ongoing assistance may range from the sporadic and infrequent telephone contacts with a therapeutic Rehab Center professional or case director all the way to the attendance of regular individual or group meetings. In a majority of the programs which implement the twelve step orientation, Alcoholics Anonymous is considered as a group that provides after care services.

The overall matrix and inescapable consequences of alcohol and other narcotic use are profoundly impacted by personal and milieu factors. These varied factors also have a significant and lasting impact upon changes in alcoholic and other narcotic use behaviors within the grouping of patients who are prone to alcohol and narcotic related problems. It is therefore quite feasible that these factors will also have impacts upon the outcomes of therapy for alcohol and other narcotic abuse situations.

There are a number of factors which are not particularly specific within the Rehab Center therapy milieu, such as the individual characteristics of particular therapist professionals, that may also be expected to have a profound impact on progress in the various outcomes of therapies for addiction. The feasibility also presents itself that patients might gain a greater level of success within their Rehab Center therapeutic programs with some modalities of therapy or some specific characteristics of some therapists than with others, and that the level of success of any particular program will be at the highest level achievable when patients, therapy and therapists are custom tailored to each other's characteristics, requirements and preferences.

The medical literature also determines that the Rehab Center therapist is a considerably critical factor in determining therapeutic outcome. The medical literature points to a consistent conclusion that therapeutic outcomes are at the highest level of measurable success for therapists who have powerful and personable interpersonal skills which allow them the capability to develop a therapeutic Rehab Center alliance with patients based on their personal empathy.

The research seems to indicate that the patients who undergo various processes by therapists with who do not empathize as much as the average, have a lower level of success in their therapeutic programs than those patients who are in groups where they essentially direct themselves, while patients undergoing Rehab Center therapy by therapists who empathize to a greater degree than the norm, have a greater level of overall measurable longer term success than in self-directed groups.

The application of the proper therapy by a series of professional counselors with powerful interpersonal skills, especially those of empathy and an innate or developed ability to develop a therapy alliance with the patient, is generally linked with an increase in therapy outcomes which are measured and quantified on the positive end of the scale.

In actuality, therapy strategies and implementations with similar objectives may demonstrate significant differences in other important respects. They may feature personnel with varying experiences and competencies, and may be able to give a different spectrum and quality of Rehab Center services. Differences in institutional features, personnel morale and overall positive environment and milieu are also features commonly found among the various therapy services which focus on addiction.

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