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Treating Addiction: Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers

Updated on June 30, 2010

Alcohol is an extremely popular and easily accessible drug. It is legal in almost every country around the world and even in those few places where it is illegal, it is still somewhat tolerated underground. It is fascinating to visit Muslim countries which have virtually universal prohibitions towards alcohol uses in any of its forms and to discover not only how easy it is to obtain alcoholic beverages, but how there is an entire subculture which has developed around the subterfuge surrounding the consumption of alcohol. Although there are some high profile prosecutions in those countries of both citizens and visitors, it is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Alcoholism is an addiction which requires a serious commitment to Alcohol Abuse Rehab. The signs of dependency on alcohol are:

- The individual has a compulsion or craving for an alcohol most of the time.

- The individual has lost control over their alcohol consumption, how much to drink and how often.

- The individual continues to drink despite negative consequences, such as interpersonal relationships, family situations, and interference with obligations

Withdrawal from alcohol can begin four to eight hours after the last drink and may last for days. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal include:

- Vomiting
- Insomnia
- Anxiety
- Agitation
- Sweating
- Increased pulse rate
- Hand tremors
- Nausea
- Hallucinations (rare)
- Seizures (rare)

When these symptoms are recognized there is no further choice but to rush the person to an Alcohol Abuse Rehab for immediate treatment, as their life may be in danger.

Alcohol Abuse Rehab focuses directly on minimizing or outright halting the alcoholic's consumption of massive amounts of alcohol, while it is addressing the various related areas which impair the normal every day functioning of the alcoholic, such as illegal activities, social problems, employment status, and family troubles.

Through Alcohol Abuse Rehab's focus on behavioral short term goals, specific personalized alcoholism counseling can assist the alcoholic to develop a portfolio of personally effective tools, procedures, and strategies to prepare themselves for a lifetime of abstinence and the constant struggle to keep from falling back into a critical and tragic relapse.

Alcohol Abuse Rehab provides care seven days a week, twenty four hours per day, and is usually set in relaxing and comfortable settings which do not resembel at all the stereotypical hospital environment. The residential treatment structure which is best known is the format of the therapeutic treatment community. However residential treatment may also utilize a wide range of other models, including therapies dealing with the cognitive behavioral processes which has been very successful when applied specifically to the situations surrounding Relapse Prevention.

Therapeutic communities are residential programs with predetermined fixed durations of treatment of between six months and a full year. These therapeutic communities utilize as functional and indispensable components of the alcoholics' treatment a process of the return to a socialized structure of the patient through integration with the whole "community," as well as a number of other patients, community personnel and other ancillary staff.

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