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Treating Addiction: Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facilities Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

Alcoholism has many negative consequences. Alcoholics may not be aware of these consequences although individuals associated with the alcoholics certainly are. If the alcoholic is aware, they may feel that the pleasurable or pain-relieving features of excessive drinking outweigh the problems caused with their interpersonal relationships.

When any drug is used over a period of time and in excess, the human body adapts to and begins to acclimatize to the drug's psychological effects. As a result, the user needs more and more of the drug to achieve the intensity and duration of the initial experience. Since alcohol is a drug, this reality definitely displays itself in the field of alcoholic treatment. The habitual and continual drinker must continue to drink to avoid the physical distress and psychological disorientations that accompany withdrawal.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment has discovered that there are essentially two types of tolerance:

1) Metabolic tolerance, when the body increases its efficiency in breaking down alcohol for elimination.
2) Functional tolerance, when the central nervous system becomes less sensitive to the effects of alcohol.

When access to alcohol is removed, the alcoholic suffers extremely unpleasant effects that are usually the exact opposite of those induced by alcohol on the human body. Because the body has adapted to the presence of alcohol in the system, withdrawal not only is agonizing, but may be life-threatening as well, unless it is carefully monitored and managed by the professionals of Alcohol Abuse Treatment.

Withdrawal has been known to create an effect known as an Effect of Rebound. This rebound effect has some of the particular identifiers of a chemical compound to produce the opposite of the effect originally intended when the influence of the addictive substance is no longer effective or the patient fails to continue to respond to it. Alcohol withdrawal without the immediate presence of trained medical professionals can escalate to the point where the individual may experience delirium tremens, a condition that can create seizures, disorientation, and even be fatal if it occurs outside the purview of Alcohol Abuse Treatment.

All addictive drugs such as alcohol disrupt normal neurotransmission in the brain. A recent study showed that addictive drugs modify the cranial communication system by creating an interference pattern with various synaptic transmissions. Some narcotics mimic a number of neurotransmitters and pass along false messages. Other narcotics act as blockages for neurotransmitters and keep real messages from being passed along. By changing the modalities whereby the brain works, it has the impact of changing how the addict can perceive the world, their own self-image and the image of their world, as well as how they behave. The behavior of addicts is certainly under the powerful influence of the maladaptive sequence of learning which occurs as addiction evolves. As a result, recovering from drug addiction does not necessarily lead to a condition identical to that which existed before narcotics abuse began. It is important to note that addicts must evolve into a new level of self-awareness, by the adoption of entirely new patterns of behavior. That is just one of the many justifications as to why the treatment of addiction to narcotics is such a challenging task.

That statement applies to alcoholism across the board and fortunately Alcohol Abuse Treatment is available everywhere in the United States of America today.

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