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Treating Addiction: Drug Addict Rehab Forms

Updated on June 30, 2010

There have been a series of controlled studies of the subject of stress management which have provided sufficiently strong evidence for the effectiveness of the currently medically acknowledged and fully credited type of Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment for patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol. The effectiveness of these types of treatment programs is clearly indisputable from a clinical structural basis as is witnessed by the publication in various peer reviewed medical and psychological journals. The proviso which must be taken under careful consideration is that the success rate is not 100% as it is quite impossible to rehabilitate all patients completely and for the rest of their lives. There are ample temptations in the real world outside the walls of the safe shelter represented by the rehab centers and patients cannot be monitored twenty four hours a day when they are released from the facilities.

A successful form of socially-related Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment can be via video self-confrontation. This is a strategy which involves the creation of a videotape of a patient with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol while the person is under the influence of the particular addictive substance. This videotape is then played pack to the patient when they are fully sober and conscious of their actions.

The various psychotherapeutic approaches utilized in Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment have centered on a wide range of therapies which are designed specifically to allow patients greater insight into their behaviors and to assist them in the task of resolution of these conflicts which usually have their origination in a form of early childhood experience. The many different branches and approaches to addiction psychotherapies are often complex and convoluted and therefore the course of therapy becomes somewhat unpredictable.

There are four major types of psychotherapeutic categories utilized in Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment: general counseling; confrontative psychotherapy; group psychotherapy; and individual perspective-oriented psychotherapy.

General counseling is usually defined as a form of a supportive and reality-based treatment, which is not particularly to be grouped within the behavioral or confrontational categories. Confrontational interventions are primarily concerned with the shattering of the patient's defense mechanisms, especially the ones dealing with the denial of their addiction, their condition, their current status, and the effect that they have on the patients around them. Confrontation is often centered on powerful feedback aimed at combatting the patient's resistance to the change which is being advocated by the particular psychotherapy. There have been suggestions in the analysis of the various medical clinical trials involving confrontational techniques that this strategy may have a negative effect by increasing the amount of resistance that the patient may put up or lowering the patient's already low self-esteem.

Group psychotherapy is utilized widely in the various Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment programs, however the format and priorities of the groups involved vary widely. Some of these groups tend to prefer the confrontational strategies while some of the others are supportive and centered around the needs and preferences of the patient.

Continued In - Treating Addiction: Drug Addict Rehab Forms Part 2


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