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Treating Addiction: Drug Addict Rehab Priorities Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

If the research based on the effectiveness of coerced Drug Addiction Rehab therapy has thus been thoroughly invalidated then it would follow that any statements or conclusions made about the propriety of coerced therapy may not be resting on a solid theoretical or factual foundation at all.

There is a level of evidence of the success rate of mandated therapy within a civil commitment for opiate abusers as well as for remedial programs to treat alcoholics who engage in driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately it seems as if the research which was specifically directed to provide conclusive evidence of the efficacy of mandated Drug Addiction Rehab therapy is rather inconclusive. Therefore, it would be fundamentally flawed to conclude that patients who are mandated by the law to undergo therapy are in any way any more or any less suitable for therapy than other patients.

While the research to support client therapy fitting is still inconclusive at the present time, it is feasible that certain populations or subgroups may derive some element of success from particular attention due to their unique characteristics, or due to the fact that general programming cannot properly meet their needs. For quite some time, Drug Addiction Rehab therapy programming has been developed for various particular populations based on a comprehension of shared characteristics that are believed to have impact in attracting, motivating and maintaining patients in Drug Addiction Rehab therapy. There is as of this current time, little if any proper medical research to demonstrate that patients from particular populations experience better therapy outcomes as a direct result of therapeutic interventions which have been specially and particularly designed.

There is very little research that demonstrates significant effect from Drug Addiction Rehab therapy based on either structural or functional characteristics, although particular provisions for therapy or for various other adjunctive services are often made for females, youths, senior citizens, patients diagnosed with HIV-AIDS and those with various psychological problems. The administrations proposed for these groups have the overall effect of increasing their chances for access to assistance through some level of creating a larger sense of awareness and access to avenues of assistance such as mutual aid and self help groups as well as self-instructional literature, greater involvement of overall social and community services in locating and supporting patients with substance abuse problems, as well as providing a sequence of specialized services to these groups through a varied offering of specific and particular Drug Addiction Rehab outreach efforts. Effective patient management is specifically significant to ensure that the complete set of requirements and preferences of patients are allowed for.

There are various processes which can be utilized with a degree of measurable and quantifiable success in the administration of addiction therapeutic services for various substances. The efficacy of any of these particular processes, strategies, implementations and programs is at question, however, if the patient is forced to submit to these therapeutic situations while being forcefully coerced into doing so. There is virtually no data to support the expectation that coercion can lead to a successful Drug Addiction Rehab scenario, thus it would behoove the various authorities to reconsider their stand on forcing patients into these addiction therapeutic programs against their will.

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