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Treating Addiction: Drug Addict Rehab Treatment Procedures

Updated on June 30, 2010

There are various types of Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment strategies and programs which have a proven track record of being effective in treating patients with various addictive behaviors. The general public seems to have been given the misunderstanding that rehab is a quick and easy process by following the travails of the various well publicized celebrities who experience drug and alcohol addictive problems and just check into a five star hotel masquerading as a rehab center under the advice of their agents and then just check out again a couple of days later to go out and engage in the identical binging behavior of alcohol and drugs that got them into their problems in the first place. Actual rehab is a very long term process which takes considerable time, commitment and willpower.

One type of residential environmental therapy utilized in the therapy of patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol is the therapeutic community. Many therapeutic communities are rather operated in a rather rigid and militaristic fashion that relies strongly on the use of confrontation in a boot camp sort of environment, but there are several variations on the theme. Many patients who complete the predetermined period of residence which is usually upwards of one year have a tendency to be successful after leaving the therapeutic community, however the dropout rates have a tendency to be unacceptably high, up to 90% in some cases. The individual patients who dropout have a marked tendency relapse to their previous addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol. However, there is some evidence of positive outcome for patients who stay for at least one half of the required time.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not really a therapeutic community for alcoholism but a social resource for those desiring to stop drinking excess amounts of alcohol. There have been various uncontrolled studies of Alcoholics Anonymous which have demonstrated that patients who affiliate with Alcoholics Anonymous have a tendency to cease drinking alcoholic beverages and the inevitable result is that their lifestyles and their relationships within their familial, occupational and social milieu improve in many respects.

The evaluation of Alcoholics Anonymous compared to professionally delivered interventions is problematic as the two approaches stem from a drastically different conceptual basis. Alcoholics Anonymous is not a conventional form of Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment and patients are allowed to participate in many different ways. Some of the patients attend a few sessions and then dropout. Some others attend more often, but do not participate in the meetings in an active and dynamic manner nor adhere to the program's various restrictions and dictums.

In the cases where therapeutic Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment professionals refer patients to Alcoholics Anonymous on the expectation that the patients will benefit from that referral, it should be asked about the success rate of these referrals and to weigh these outcomes against those achieved by other various means. There have been cases where an employee assistance program required its participants to attend Alcoholics Anonymous under threat of loss of employment.

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