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Treating Addiction: Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Updated on June 30, 2010

A major study was designed to discover whether varying types of alcoholics respond in the same or in differing modes to different types of Drug and Alcohol Treatment. The specific therapy profiles selected for study were: twelve step adherents where patients were educated to join Alcoholics Anonymous; motivational enhancement therapeutic processes which are based on motivational psychology; and cognitive behavioral therapy, which is centered on social learning theory. Patients were assigned to Drug and Alcohol Treatment in a random, non pre selected manner and in final analyses a range of differing hypotheses were tested concerning the patients' interactions between therapy modalities and severity of addictive substance involvement, cognitive impairment, psychiatric severity, conceptual level, gender, sociopathy, beliefs about alcoholism, family history of alcoholism, ability to comprehend personal problem alcoholic beverage situations, matrix of control, and self-image.

Research has shown that patients with fairly low levels of psychiatric severity could do better in the twelve step facilitation situation when it comes to Drug and Alcohol Treatment. The results demonstrated that these patients had more abstinence days during a year of follow-up than those other patients who had been treated with the various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy. The maximum range to which patients in either situation became adherents in a dynamic manner in Alcoholics Anonymous during the period of follow-up has not been yet reported in the medical literature.

One way to explain this for the failure of Drug and Alcohol Treatment research is that there were various ceiling effects primarily focused on the client selection process and the utilization of various rather powerful interventions. The general results of the study in question were quite successful and most of the patients in each situation showed considerable and sustained reductions of their particular addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol over the follow-up period.

Generally speaking, the research findings in favor of connecting patients to therapy methodologies is quite weak at the present time. This does not translate into the statement that one Drug and Alcohol Treatment will suit every patient, since each individual requires a custom tailored, pliable approach in order to address their full range of requirements. Some patients need assistance with their psychological problems, while other patients have a necessity to receive assistance with various social problems including their employment status, and some patients have an ongoing requirement for at least temporary or better yet, longer-term shelter. Focusing resources directly onto these problems is critical if those involved are to demonstrate solid and clear improvements in their behaviors surrounding their past history of substance abuse.

Although the medical clinical research conducted to date as of the middle of 2010 does not yet provide powerful and indisputable evidence to guide the combination of individual patients to specific therapy interventions, that should not be read to state that all patients have a need or a way to respond to the same types of therapeutic services in the forms of Drug and Alcohol Treatment.

Continued In - Treating Addiction: Drug & Alcohol Treatment Part 2


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