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Treating Addiction: Drug Rehab Programs

Updated on June 30, 2010

Substance addiction is a disease and in its effects and treatment is truly no different than any other disease. It is imperative for the family, co-workers, friends and community to comprehend that anyone who is suffering from substance abuse truly is involved in a powerful struggle against a devastating nemesis. Everyone must realize that anyone who is suffering from narcotics or alcohol abuse is doing so not because they are in a good mood, or to get themselves into a good mood, but because they are suffering from profound emotional pain and are turning to these substances as a process to self-medicate that pain.

A wealth of various studies have been conducted in the field of Drug Rehabilitation Programs the last few years which have supported the determinations concluded by previous systematic reviews of the literature which focuses on therapeutic outcome. These studies have concluded that there is fairly scarce information on which particular interventions might be established to increase the feasibility of successful outcomes of therapy for patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol.

The few available studies have concluded overall that adult men and women when treated together for alcoholism problems in the same therapeutic Drug Rehabilitation Program structure have a similar success ratio. There is more debate regarding therapy for narcotics other than alcohol, as there seems to be few studies available on the various effectiveness of varying types of therapy for men or women.

The majority of the medical and clinical literature on addiction therapy comprises clinical and epidemiological studies that focus on the approaches of group therapy, family therapy, and separate rather than combined therapy between males and females. These variances have not been analyzed utilizing controlled clinical trials, therefore there can be little if any indication of their specific effectiveness. It is important to note that clinicians continue to claim that within addiction therapy a female's needs differ from those of males within the Drug Rehab Program environment.

A stronger stigma is linked to a female's substance abuse problem thus there is a much stronger resistance on the part of domestic familial members as well as friends. There are much more unpleasantries linked to therapy entry for females, such as lack of child care facilities, employment loss, family responsibilities, spousal anger and violence, loss of friends, and many more important and critical factors. A small proportion of both men and women utilize special Drug Rehabilitation Program therapeutic services. The literature seems to point out that females may be less likely to involve themselves in particular therapy facilities than males. Female problem drinkers are more likely than males to consider their symptoms as strictly psychological problems such as depression or anxiety and thus are far more likely to seek assistance from psychological and counseling professionals. Females also demonstrate a clear preference to involve themselves in a series of informal support groups when they are confronting a series of serious or critical problems. These differences between the genders seem to show as a marked delineation in many clinical studies.

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