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Treating Addiction: Drug Rehab Programs Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

Females prefer Drug Rehab Program therapy which provides a spectrum of related adjunctive programs and therapies, such as therapy for their offspring and families as well and the availability of continuing care. Females are more likely to utilize outpatient to inpatient services, and prefer therapy where there is accessibility to comprehensive child care services. Females are more likely to utilize therapeutic Drug Rehab Program treatment services when there are a number of specialized associated services available, such as prescription narcotic use counseling, pregnancy and postpartum care, and vocational, children's, legal, and sexual abuse counseling. Females prefer to be offered vocational educational training, and also demonstrate a clear preference in undertaking training courses which focus on assertiveness skills and parenting.

Unfortunately, the factors which form obstacles to Drug Rehabilitation Program therapy often lead to early termination of therapy as well. A greater amount of research is required into the relationship between events in the lives of women and the resultant ratio of substance abuse, so that a coherent program of appropriate treatment may be implemented. There is a body of research which indicates that victimization, especially in the particular cases where sexual abuse is present, may be a causative factor in the evolution of substance abuse in females. Research has shown that females who had undergone sexual abuse as children or adults were far more likely than females who lacked a history of sexual abuse to use particular medications to help them become tranquil or to go to sleep.

There is not a comprehensive enough body of research evidence to conclude that the provision of particular types of interventions for females should significantly vary from those administered and managed for males. It is of foremost importance to consider obstacles to therapy and provide a spectrum of modifications and addiction support Drug Rehabilitation Programs such as provision of child care, scheduling episodes while children are in school, utilization of self-help materials, and the provision of transportation, as well as to provide specific adjunctive and additional services related to sexual abuse counseling, pregnancy, parenting capabilities development training and employment assistance.

There is a clear and obvious necessity to be able to implement a wide range of Drug Rehabilitation Programs which are focused on and specifically designed to encourage the use of females, especially younger girls who are falling into substance abuse and addiction in ever growing numbers. It must not be simply assumed that a Drug Rehab Program which has been proven successful for men will then just be as successful when applied to women. In Drug Rehabilitation Programs there is a significant difference in implementation between the genders and the proper therapeutic strategies will be concocted around this very basic and undeniable fact. The modes in which women become involved in addiction programs is quite different than that in which men become involved. The reasons, motivations and anxieties differ significantly from males to females, and the proper and professional clinical therapeutic expert must recognize this fact and spare no effort in catering and adjusting the parameters of their clinical practice around it.

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    • davidisaiah profile image


      8 years ago from Klamath Falls, Oregon

      There is much truth in what you have said here. I would add that professional clinical therapeutic treatment providers need to adjust treatment planning during residential treatment and when providing after care outpatient treatment for all clients. While there are some approaches that benefit all clients, each client has individual concerns that need to be addressed as well. Gender is but one consideration that is critical.


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