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Treating Addiction: Drug Treatment Rehab Facilities

Updated on June 30, 2010

The years of adolescence are often characterized by anxiety and confusion. At that time in all of our lives, the various changes in physical and intellectual characteristics occur while the individual is determining a sense of self-identity and personal values. Research has proven that adolescents are more frequent users of narcotics such as cannabis, crack and cocaine than adults. However, they have a tendency overall to smoke less tobacco and to consume less alcohol than adults.

Some medical and clinical research studies have indicated that problems in various life aspects are common for youths with substance abuse problems. These problems include the primary life areas of familial and domestic interactions; educational or occupational interactions; social, medical and emotional relationships; and leisure. Problems may exist before the beginning of their particular and specific experiences with substance abuse or they may develop from the substance abuse itself. Furthermore, substance abuse and difficulties in these other life areas can end up having an effect where they reinforce one another and create a spiral from which the adolescent is not generally psychologically capable of escaping and thus requires the assistance that can only be obtained at a Drug Treatment Rehab Center.

Medical and clinical studies continue to consistently indicate that peer association and familial factors are very critical in contributing to substance use in youths. There is a measure of support for the perspective that peer pressures, improper social conditions, life events which lead to stress, and physical or sexual abuse are also extremely significant factors in the spiral of frequent substance use by youths, particularly among young females. Regardless of the fact that there is a vast amount of medical and clinical literature about the problem of youths who abuse narcotics and other addictive substances, there is not much in the way of information on what therapeutic direction to utilize in order to treat adolescents for alcohol and narcotic problems. Generally, the research does suggest that the youths who do obtain some form of addiction control Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapy are in a better condition and situation than the youths who do not obtain any form of addiction control therapy whatsoever.

Medical and clinical research has demonstrated that about a third of patients, including those who did not complete the full course of treatment, were found in total abstinence at follow-up. The longer-term determination is less certain, since elevated relapse rates are recorded very frequently. The studies have demonstrated that the patients who do succeed in Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapy tend to be female, in school, choose to enter the course of therapy and report a shorter duration of prior substance abuse.

Researchers' experience suggests that a significant number of the youths studied benefit most from Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapeutic structures which offer pliable approaches that conform themselves to particular adolescent needs; availability of the availability of school for dropouts; recreation services; vocational and sexuality counseling; familial therapy and behavioral counseling; engagement of domestic family members or non-abusing support individuals; and continuing assistance.

Continued In - Treating Addiction: Drug Treatment Rehab Facilities Part 2


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