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Treating Addiction: Drug Treatment Rehab Facilities Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

A youth Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapy system was recently developed which delivers therapy goals to help in achieving abstinence; to provide training and knowledge about narcotic use and develop abilities in decision making; to ameliorate the quality of familial and community relationships; and to support domestic members through the processes of therapy and continuing assistance. An evaluation of this type of program determined that adolescents who entered these particular forms of therapy had multiple narcotic use problems over a longer period of time, had difficulties in their lives and were having damaging consequences as a result of their particular form of substance abuse. The outcome is less successful when the adolescent attends Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapy designed for adults.

Since general therapy programs are usually structured for male adults who are experiencing critical problems, the program requires significant modification to meet the requirements of younger patients. It is critical that the various processes of assessment, therapeutic Drug Treatment Rehab Center methods and targets must be highly relevant to the ages and phases of development of the patient and include a thorough understanding of the physiological, psychological and cognitive modifications that are undergoing within the adolescent.

A very unique subset of this adolescent group is street youth. The size of this group in major developed countries is constantly changing and presents significant challenges to determine. There are no accurate estimates of the number of the street youth population due to the transient nature of these adolescent Drug Treatment Rehab Center patients. This group is seen to be at an elevated risk factor for various reasons, including their particular lifestyle which in the vast majority of cases centers and focuses on elevated levels of substance abuse and thus has become a defining characteristic feature of this street youth way of life.

A number of medical and clinical studies have demonstrated that almost all street youth have used cannabis on a number of occasions and their resultant ratios for other narcotic use, such as crack, cocaine, angel dust, crystal meth and the various other dangerous street drugs, are up to sixteen times higher than for domestically-housed youth. The best form of Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapy for street youth is most clearly to be free of obvious structures and restrictions, and featuring a number of outreach and support services which appear casual in their intensity. For the group of street youth, case management is of foremost importance because of their recalcitrance in the utilization of the services which are generally available in the community and are duly offered to assist them in the process of rehabilitation. It is interesting to note that for street youth it is frequently a change in lifestyle such as gaining access to acceptable obtaining adequate longer term accommodation rather than Drug Treatment Rehab Center therapeutic intervention that usually defines the termination of their sequence of substance abuse. It is imperative that the substance abuser be exposed to sources of precise and coherent medical information on drug and alcohol addiction and that specific, local, accessible and immediate sources of clinical assistance be provided to the substance addict.

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