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Treating Addiction: Forms Of Rehab

Updated on June 30, 2010

Social skills training within the context of Rehab centers around instilling an advanced level of education among addicts on how best to form and maintain interpersonal relationships which can be successful in both the short term and the long term. Social skills training focuses on both interpersonal and intrapersonal personal management skills. Interpersonal skills gained in Rehab may include being able to give and take criticism, providing positive feedback, the skills of listening and conversation, the ability to express feelings and assertiveness and the ability to refuse an offer of an alcoholic beverage and/or a recreational narcotic drug.

The process of improving and ameliorating the various intrapersonal capabilities of the patient in a Rehab setting deal with managing thoughts about drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and/or consuming recreational narcotic drugs, mood management, coping with the inevitable cravings, dealing with negative, self-destructive and anti-social thoughts, coping with urges to drink alcohol and take narcotic drugs, and decision making. These types of approaches have been used effectively within a wide range of disorders which overlap between substance abuse and psychiatric problems and have proven of exceptional applicative value in the cases of patients who consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

Community reinforcement is the therapeutic strategy which links various methods to focus on the functioning of the patient within society. It was originally only implemented for people who have problems with their consumption of alcohol, however, recent research has proven that this can also be a very valid application when applied to other addictions such as narcotics in a professional Rehab setting.

This Rehab approach's goal is to modify the addict's milieu in order to make abstinence an activity which is more rewarding than the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol or the use of recreational narcotics. Community reinforcement involves the utilization of recreational, social, familial and other reinforcing factors and catalysts to assist patients in the complicated process of recovery within Rehab.

Community reinforcement centers around the application by Rehab professionals of a functional analysis which are useful in a clinical setting in order to determine antecedents and consequences of the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol, setting targets for sobriety, providing the access to being able to prescribe disulfiram, as well as the creation of a treatment plan which will incorporate various basal skillsets in interpersonal communication, problem solving, and refusing alcoholic beverages or offers of narcotic substances.

Various medical clinical research has been conducted on community reinforcement and in a number of the Rehab studies, patients could also attend a club to assist them locating gainful employment, be the subject of marital therapy, social and recreational counseling, and relapse prevention training. The underlying effectiveness of this approach can be explained by the strategy of combining the a number of effective therapies into a single strategically integrated program.

An important and integral component of the Rehab strategy of community reinforcement is to assist the patient with locating and securing gainful employment, preferably on a full time basis. It is imperative that the patient recognize that his peer group is supporting his rehabilitation efforts, not undermining them.

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