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Treating Addiction: In-patient Drug Rehab Treatments

Updated on June 30, 2010

A considerable amount of medical and clinical research has concluded that of all the various forms of alcohol and narcotic rehabilitation processes, the one that shows the most promise and has the lowest rate of relapse in follow up studies is the specific form of Inpatient Drug Rehab. As opposed to the more casual and occasional therapeutic sessions that can be implemented in a day clinic or outpatient setting, inpatients can be monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week including all holidays by an expert and experienced professional medical team of therapeutic specialists and therefore they are able to custom tailor a strategic approach to that patient's addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol with a great deal of precision and accuracy, far greater than if the patient is only seen by the personnel at the Drug Rehab Center for a couple of hours a week or so.

A significant number of medical and clinical studies have demonstrated that once gender-related differences alcohol consumption rates are accounted for, females are less likely than males to utilize Inpatient Drug Rehab services. This has been related to a scarcity of services which are tailored to the specific requirements of women and to obstacles to therapy which impact females more than males, such as financial woes and the need to provide child care. When females are compared with males, female problem drinkers have a greater likelihood to view themselves as being beset by depression or anxiety and not as likely to attribute their problems as directly related to alcohol. This discrepancy may be keyed to the general manner which women's abuse of alcoholic beverages is stigmatized by society and the proclivity for problem drinkers of alcoholic beverages who are women to look for assistance from community services that are not necessarily specialists in alcoholism treatment.

Studies have demonstrated that females with alcohol drinking problems had a greater percentage of likelihood than men to use health care services which are not specific to the therapeutic interventions of alcohol addiction and thus generally shun Inpatient Drug Rehab. These women tend to particularly turn to psychological services as well as believe that they are experiencing symptom severity which is of a stronger influence than their actual symptoms actually are. This data demonstrates that women usually delay seeking assistance until their problems have graduated to the point where they may be quite critical and they are in immediate need of Inpatient Drug Rehab. This gender differentiation among patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol creates additional problems in attempting to construct logical and effective strategies for therapeutic intervention.

It is important to note that in most cases organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous do not necessarily view themselves through the medical and or clinical perspective as formal therapy programs, facilities, formats, and structures, they do play a significant and critical role in many In-patient Drug Rehab therapeutic programs.

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