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Treating Addiction: Narcotic Addict Treatment Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

These strategies are often used in programs which are specifically designed to prevent or minimize the risk of future relapse. The general conclusion from a variety of trials within a clinical setting has been that in actual practice, these various relapse prevention programs include a wide range of very specific components:

- Efficacy-enhancing imagery
- Identification of situation where the individual could be in a high level of risk.
- Instruction and preparation of personal strategies which would allow the patient to be able to handle those situations.
- Relaxation training
- Skills training
- Stress management
- Relapse preparation, which attempts via cognitive restructuring to prepare the individual for the possibility of relapse.

Relapse prevention is either implemented as a stand alone Treatment or as an integral portion of a therapeutic modality. A recent overview of various relapse prevention clinical case studies has shown that 75% of the studies carried out for relapse prevention in the cessation of smoking tobacco had significant positive effects. 50% of the studies involving excessive consumption of alcohol concluded with positive effects. Unfortunately only 20% of the studies involving addicts of other various narcotics showed positive effects.

The varied therapies centering around the implementation of the numerous forms of behavioral self-control treatment (BSCT) center around the learning of very particular self-management skills by the individual patient in order to minimize or avoid outright the consumption of alcohol. When behavioral self-control training was evaluated in a clinical setting, it showed positive effects in over 70% of all cases. It is generally held that when analyzing the training of self-control in the Treatment of dependence on alcohol, short interventions and self-directed BSCT can in many cases be just as effective as more in-depth Treatments which are specifically directed and monitored by a professional therapist. Furthermore, BSCT with a target of moderation has been discovered to be not as effective as an approach which is primarily oriented around the concept of direct and total abstinence-oriented when applied onto patients who are more severely dependent than the norm.

The results of various medical clinical trials on the specific subject of analyzing the efficacy of behavioral relapse prevention programs for tobacco smokers and individuals with problems in consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol have proven that there is a reasonable measure of success in implementations of these programs. There are various conclusions in the medical literature with regards to the efficacy of BSCT for those patients with more minor alcohol drinking problems; as an alternative to long term therapist approaches which can have a high financial cost; and for behavioral contracting in the setting of an encompassing program of Treatment.

The various cognitive therapies which are often implemented by therapists and other psychological and social professionals in this field have included strategies that attempt to identify and modify maladaptive thoughts and/or beliefs which have been generally acknowledged in the medical literature to contribute directly to the excessive consumption of alcohol. Far more extensive studies are clearly called for in the medical literature in order to more profoundly comprehend the varied and often confusing dynamics of substance abuse.

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