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Treating Addiction: Processes Of Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on June 30, 2010

There is a clear and specific role for pharmacotherapies when utilized in a controlled Drug Rehab Center setting in addition to other forms of treatment for patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol.

Marital behavioral therapy, in both short and long term formats, has shown through clinical and medical studies to be effective. It is important to make available to the patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol a form of Drug Rehab Center therapy in a group format.

There are many other methods of assisting patients with addictive problems in utilizing recreational narcotic drugs or consuming excess quantities of alcohol other than various forms of psychological and social counseling.

A very effective means to control the addictions of patients as well as go a long way towards ensuring that there will not be a relapse in the patient's future is to utilize some of the various chemical compound prescription only medications which are available in the arsenal of the professional therapeutic addiction specialists within Drug Rehab Centers.

Carefully monitored use of naltrexone or disulfiram by stable and motivated patients as part of a complete therapeutic program is supported by published research. Methadone has long proven its efficacy in reducing opiate abuse, criminal activity and viral transmission of diseases such as HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis C. Drug Rehab Center therapies centering on methadone implementation have led to ameliorated social functioning, physiological health and, in some cases, can lead to termination of heroin use. The longer the patient remains in treatment, the better the success rate of the final result.

It is well known that there are various serious ancillary effects associated with the use of methadone as is the case with many medications, there are a variety of excellent reasons to provide patients who are opioid-dependent with liberal access to methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment.

Medical and clinical research demonstrates that methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment can be very effective in reducing:

- reducing criminal activity in the community
- reducing injection-related and other risk behaviors for transmission of STDs
- reducing mortality
- reducing the use of other narcotics such as cocaine
- reducing the use of other opioids
- reducing transmission of HIV and other lethal pathogens

Methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment has been acknowledged in ameliorating:

- physiological, psychological and emotional health
- pregnancy conditions
- quality of lifestyle
- social and domestic interactions

Methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment is linked with increased retention in rehab treatment programs.

Methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment has the likelihood to assist, not only the individual patients who are receiving the specific treatment, but also those who are employed to provide such treatment, as well as the overall community and society, which suffers the brunt of the deleterious effects of heroin related street crime. For patients who are opioid dependent methadone treatment is a process whose end result is to achieve a sustainable supply of a prescribed and legal drug.

Continued In - Treating Addiction: Processes Of Drug Rehab Centers Part 2


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      8 years ago

      I hope many many people read your Hub

      I certainly learned so much

      glad I stumbled on this

      a new fan


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