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Treating Addiction: Processes Of Drug Rehab Centers Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

Patients receiving treatment will get relief from the stress of involvement in criminal activities and high risk sexual acts in order to get the large sums of money required to purchase illegal heroin on the street. Medical and clinical research demonstrates that patients receiving methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment will:

- have significantly lower mortality rates than patients who are dependent on opioids and are not in the process of receiving coherent treatment
- improve their domestic, social and community interpersonal relationships
- improve their lifestyle
- improve their physiological and psychological health
- increase their probability of gaining full time employment
- reduce the risks for transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C and various STDs
- reduce the various injection related high risk behaviors
- reduce their other forms of substance abuse such as cocaine, marijuana and alcohol
- reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV-AIDS
- reduce their utilization of criminally obtained opioids
- spend less time each day using narcotics
- spend less time in jail
- spend less time involved in crimes to obtain the funds to purchase heroin
- spend less time selling narcotics

For pregnant women who are in the process of receiving methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment, that factor alone, when taken into consideration with a concurrent program of proper prenatal care, directly decreases gynecological and obstetrical complications. Methadone also shields the fetus from the serious effects of frequent heroin withdrawal symptoms, an occurrence which is quite normal among pregnant women who do not receive methadone treatment.

For therapeutic professionals involved in the provision of treatment, methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment is a chance to:

- contribute to a learning and therapeutic sequence of procedures which can lead heroin dependent patients to gain a new outlook on their lives and avoid the further utilization of narcotic substances
- deliver a critical and important aspect of medical and public health care
- establish supportive ongoing therapeutic relationships with patients who are heroin dependent

For the community and society at large, the important benefits of methadone maintenance Drug Rehab Center treatment include:

- reduced criminal activity related to narcotics
- reduced discarded needles on the ground
- reduced prostitution activity
- reduced public health risks.

Methadone has been acknowledged for decades as being one of the best tools in the professional therapist's chemical arsenal. It is a medication which is generally well tolerated, has a long history of safety and efficacy when utilized under the strict supervision of a therapeutic professional and has been able to restore a great number of heroin addicts become once again productive and respected members of their families, workplaces, communities and countries. Methadone has been able to work wonders in many cases, but it is unfortunately not the final answer to heroin addiction, it is only a piece of the puzzle and works best as a chemical adjunct to a comprehensive program of psychological and social counseling. Much more research needs to be completed in order to arrive at a conclusive "cure" for heroin addiction.

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    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Hal, You are killing me, lololo I am enjoying the hubs on rehab and was just hopping through. The process is interesting and I am happy that you have given my knowledge on the process of Drug rehab centers. :)