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Treating Bipolar Disorder Naturally

Updated on August 27, 2015

Before making any changes to your diet including adding amino acids, discuss with your physician.

Amino acids are wonderful for using natural treatments for bipolar disorder.
Amino acids are wonderful for using natural treatments for bipolar disorder. | Source

Almost everyone has good days and bad days, ups and downs in life affecting them. However, for those victims of bipolar disorder the relatively normal ups and downs of life are extreme either one way or another. Imagine not having just an entire day of feeling up or down, but one day of a hundred different variations of each. Another variation is an entire year of feeling one way or another. Living with this affliction is life changing to say the least. Finding a way to make the road less bumpy, is life saving.

Bipolar disorder is a condition or disease that afflicts millions of Americans and is a lifelong condition without a cure. This extremely powerful and life changing disease many times is debilitating for those suffering from this disorder. Typical treatment of prescription medication along with lifestyle changes and therapy comes with down sides for most patients. This means offering an alternative of natural origin very attractive.

What is it?

The affliction is believed to be a chemical imbalance in the brain and is usually seen in families. There is no set age of manifestation, it hits at anytime. Though, normally the bipolar changes are recognized in the teens or early adult years of a patient’s life. Some studies suggest this is when hormones and stress make a wicked combination of the physical and mental health of an individual.

Bipolar victims have the best of the worst worlds. These are folks dealing with hyperactivity or euphoria and depression. Mania is not a good thing. Though it disguises itself in the form of getting work completed and tasks accomplished it is devastating mentally and physically.

The depression aspect speaks for itself. No one wants to feel down and out all the time. The incidents are never timed or predictable. One event is able to last for a day while others only a couple of hours. Some experience chapters of mania for years and the same is said for its polar opposite. This is only a brief overview of one of the worst mental health issues a patient endures. Seeing a bright spot on the horizon is wonderful. Using supplemental approaches makes it possible to avoid these spells all together. The unpredictability is horrible and living this way unspeakable.


Detecting and identifying the disease is difficult. Countless sufferers admit to years of seeing a variety of doctors and mental health providers before spotting the exact disorder.It is able to mimic pieces of other disorders or is overlooked entirely. Finding the exact nature of this mental illness is the key to a successful outcome.

Victims typically have a conclusion with a combination of laboratory results, EEGs, mental health consults and elimination of other illnesses. There is no easy yes or no when it comes to it. More than one provider is characteristically responsible for a positive vote in this direction.


Once a diagnosis is made getting the right treatment is important in attempting to live a productive life. A life with a balance affording some type of relative relief from this strangle hold on emotions and feelings is the optimum result.

Treatment generally consists of prescription medications and psychotherapy. However, recently there have been breakthroughs in natural remedies for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Accomplishing this goal is easier than most folks believe. Start with a series of nutritional supplements.

There is generally a precarious balance of prescription meds unique to each patient. The personalized formula is achieved through a series of trial and error. Sometimes it takes months or even years to get to a combination a patient is able to "live" with. It does not necessarily give a patient the original standard of living they possessed before the disease, but there is a livable existence. With this in mind, be careful adding or subtracting anything from the formula. This includes nutritional supplements.

These nutritional supplements are not intended to replace any prescription medication program or therapy sessions, but to complement them and make a sufferer feel better using natural compliments to these traditional treatment approaches.

Add amino acids to a diet

Amino acids are a great way to enhance a diet when dealing with the disorder. Amino acids help the body by building a healthy protein everywhere. It builds up for missing protein in muscles, bones and skin when needed.

The most important function of amino acids is healthy brain functioning and aiding in the fight against depression. Although a body does produce some amino acids on its own, finding others through eating and drinking a healthy diet chocked full of amino acids is a great addition. The strategy works best to prevent episodes from ever occurring. .


One amino acid with extraordinary benefits is taurine. Taurine is found to relieve anxiety and curb excessive energy. This is very helpful in extreme anxiety and extreme energy manifested in bipolar disorder. Taurine as a supplement with a very sedating effect which is why it’s so important to discuss any supplements added to a prescription regime with personal physicians.


Tyrosine is provides different benefits from taurine. Tyrosine also helps to treat depression. However, it also improves alertness and memory retention in the brain and its functions. Tyrosine does raise blood pressure. Therefore, patients experiencing elevated or high blood pressure, be very careful adding this amino acid.


Lecithin is in fatty foods and used to help stabilize mood and support the development of the brain. Purchase lecithin in pill or grain form and mix it with other foods or liquids. It must be refrigerated to keep it fresh and safe to use.

Gabo amino butyric acide

Gabo amino butyric is wonderful for those bipolar patients suffering from insomnia. There are some patients whose insomnia stems from anxiety or nervous energy. The nutritional supplement Gabo amino butyric acid relieves stress and allows a more consistent and continuous sleep.

Eating better foods all around

Eating more healthy and balanced meals all around will help the body and mind. This is a habit for any health improvement regime. This disease is not an exception. Balancing the right meats, vegetables, grains, fruits and other foodstuffs is a great prevention mechanism.

In conclusion

All of these amino acid supplements are great to add to the body through mealtimes and other sources for a more natural way to treat bipolar symptoms. Connecting these with a traditional form of treatment is a strategy worth investigating.

Many patients report receiving additional benefits, but it is extremely important a patient discuss any natural supplements you would like to add to your diet with your medical professional before beginning any type of changes with nutritional supplements.

There are some prescription medications that could be negatively affected by nutritional supplements and have devastating or lethal effects .

Healing bipolar disorder naturally is achievable with a variety of nutritional supplements. Though, before using any type of nutritional supplement discuss the treatment with you physician.

Amino acids are one of the most beneficial natural ways to treat bipolar disease and the side effects of the disorder. These are several amino acids that will benefit your body. If you are not getting enough of these naturally through the food you eat, consider supplementing your diet with them.

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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Great hub about natural methods to help with bipolar disorder. I think it's also great for pointing out what some people may overlook - that if essential nutrients from the diet are missing, it can make any condition a 100 times worse.

      A great hub that will benefit so many people! Voted up!

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 6 years ago from Washington MI

      Good information on alterantive treatments for bipolar disorder. Sometimes all those meds can be frightening for some to tolerate.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Ah right, smcopywrite, I'll start taking my nutritional supplements like I'm suppose to - smile. What I want to know is just how did you know I kinda' pushed them aside these past few weeks. You know some one or something?

      All jesting aside, this hub is very spot on. Very informative with reliable information. There is and has been a lot of great research with the Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) approach for mental helath.

      And, starting tomorrow I'll get back on the program - smile.