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Treating Hair Loss and Maintaining Healthy Hair

Updated on July 11, 2016


Loss of hair occurs when hair strands begin to fall out quickly and grows back very slow. Men and women can both go through a stage of hair loss in their lives. Hair loss can start with hair strands getting thinner, which leads to the scalp becoming visible. This can affect a person negatively, making them lose confidence or feeling stressed.
You probably look at yourself in the mirror everyday and then start stressing. You should stop and start taking action. There are ways for you to help fix this at home. Be sure to constantly keep using these methods or else you won't see much of a result. Basically, if you want healthier hair then it's recommended that you commit to these methods regularly.
Below are the best methods for treating your hair loss and maintaining healthier hair.

Your Diet

Your diet plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy. Low nutrient intake leads to weak hair. You have to watch what you eat on a daily basis.
The most important nutrients for healthy hair are iron, protein and vitamins like vitamin A, E and C. If you could add these to your diet, then you'll start to notice a big difference in your hair. Red meat, eggs, seafood and nuts also contain the nutrients you need.


When DHT levels rise in your body, it can lead to hair loss or even baldness. You can take herbal supplements to treat this. Herbal supplements are natural and have no side effects. These supplements can stop the production of any extra DHT. A well known supplement is fish oil, which contains omega-3 which helps hair growth.

Using Home Ingredients

This is a great way to improve your hair texture. Mixing a couple ingredients together can improve hair shine and texture.
You can use a bowl or a small glass and break an egg into it then add a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix these together then apply this to your hair. Leave this in your hair for around an hour then rinse it out. This will provide protein for your hair, it'll also make it soft and shiny!
Another mix you can make is by mixing an avocado or banana with some olive oil. Apply this to your hair and leave it in for about an hour then wash it out.

Hair Styling Products:

Products such as gels and sprays are hard to get out of your hair strands. As these products build up in your hair overtime, your hair will start to look dull. You should limit yourself to using products to only a few times a week. Using them daily causes your hair strands to fall out due to the chemicals inside these products. After using these products be sure to use a good shampoo to get rid of it from your hair.

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