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Treatment of Hypoglycemia without Drugs

Updated on March 29, 2014

People prefer non-prescription treatments and cures

People want to heal themselves of disease or syndromes without the use of drugs. They prefer to do the healing without consulting with a doctor. They want to use substances or adopt lifestyle without side effects. They judge results.

These insights can be gathered from the Hubscore of my Hub “How to Counter Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)”

This Hub is the top hit among 166 Hubs I have posted so far. Top five scorers among my Hubs are: how to counter hypoglycemia; some herbs, like tsitsirika (pink periwinkle), remedy diabetes, also cancer; how to grow kangkong in a hydroponics garden; political and economic causes of the American Civil War; and a medical breakthrough in the control of hepatitis B by chelation therapy, in that descending order.

However, the readership of my Hub on hypoglycemia is almost two times that of the next in rank (Some herbs like tsitsirika....) Its readership is more than three times that of the fifth ranked.

Its being top hit may be partly explained by the longer period of exposure. I posted my Hub on hypoglycemia on 12/10/12; I posted the Hub on tsitsirika on 13/22/13; I posted Hub on kangkong on 01/28/12; that on political and economic causes of the American civil war on 01/16/13; that on hepatitis B on 03/11/13. My Hub on hypoglycemia was posted about 11 months ahead of that on tsitsirika. So, that on hypoglycemia had a longer exposure than that on tsitsirika.

Of course, we know that Hubbers have no control over the readership of their Hubs. We don’t know our readers, except those who leave comments and their pseudonyms. We do not know where they are living or their health conditions.

I presume that those who read Hubs on health, particularly hypoglycemia, suffer from hypoglycemia, or have acquaintances suffering from it; or would like to prevent affliction with hypoglycemia or would like to share this knowledge. These are also my purposes in posting this Hub.

Why do we say that people want to heal themselves of disease or syndrome without the use of drugs?

Let’s focus on hypoglycemia. It is not considered a disease; it is considered as a syndrome. It is not caused by a wound, or microbe, or sprain, or bump. Its immediate cause is low level of sugar or glucose in the brain and muscles. However, there are several factors that bring about low blood sugar. That is why it is called a syndrome. (I discuss this more lengthily in my Hub).

I take it for granted that anybody who suffers from a disease or syndrome would like to heal herself/himself without drugs. Obvious reasons are least cost and least effort.

In the Hub “How to counter hypoglycemia….” I do not recommend any drug. One tip that may come close to a drug is Brewer’s yeast. But this one is considered a supplement or a vitamin. It is a by-product of the fermentation of bear that happens to contain a lot of trivalent chromium. This is a mineral that binds insulin to cell receptors so that blood sugar can get into cells.

Why do we say that people prefer to heal themselves without consulting a doctor? We say “prefer” because some who suffer from the symptoms of hypoglycemia might have consulted a doctor but the doctor could not diagnose it, or s/he misdiagnosed it. There are some doctors who are not familiar with this syndrome.

I say in my Hub that I myself diagnosed that I have hypoglycemia. I had already consulted a doctor about my symptoms but he just shrugged his shoulders. He attributed my symptoms to my heart disease.

To repeat: one morning, upon waking up my vision went black, and I became very weak, I perspired profusely. However, I still had some presence of mind. I thought I had a heart attack. But chest pain was absent. I told my daughter to give me a cup of rice. I hurriedly finished half of it. Then slowly I came to. I ate some more and in an hour I had almost recovered. The literature I read said that from bed in the morning the sugar level is low. I attribute my recovery to the cup of rice I ate. From then on I always eat in intervals of three hours or four hours. Following my recommendations in my Hub, mainly on taking Brewer’s yeast, the intervals of my meals have become longer.

Hubber Rhondaha commented on my Hub "How to counter hypoglycemia..." 9 months ago: “This is the best article on hypo I've found and I've been researching ALOT.” This remark could have contributed to the appeal of the Hub by word-of-mouth.

The second rank Hub, “Some herbs like tsitsirika (pink periwinkle….” also involves herbs. To use them a minimal consultation with an herbalist is needed. There is almost no risk of taking the herbs in overdose. Pink periwinkle has vinealeukoblastine that is known as an antidote of leukemia. It is prepared as a concoction. Noni (Morinda citrifolia) consumed as tea, or capsule, or fresh juice kills cells of colon cancer, even by a concentrated as low as 2.5%. This was proven in a medical research conducted by staff of the University of the Philippines, Manila campus.

To repeat, the healing ingredients mentioned in the two top Hubs are natural, herbs. Not drugs. That means that people prefer natural ingredients to drugs.

A lot of information is given on lifestyle in the Hub “How to counter hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).” For example, quit smoking; minimize drinking alcohol. Coffee exacerbates hypoglycemia. Eating glucose, like candy, is bad for hypoglycemia; prefer fructose as sweetener.

Changes on lifestyle can be done without the doctor’s prescription.

Patients can judge for themselves the results of healing without the use of drugs, use of natural substances, and change in lifestyle. For example, that close interval in eating prevents episodes of hypoglycemia can be observed in four hours or less. Eating rice can counter an episode in 20 minutes.

However, remedying hypoglycemia as a syndrome, not just the episodes, takes a long time. It has been three years since I switched from eating well-milled white rice to colored rice and now am getting the benefits. When I eat dinner at 6 o’clock in the evening and wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, I hardly feel a hunger pang. Better still, I don’t get a hypoglycemia episode. Earlier on, I had to eat a midnight snack at about 2 o’clock in the morning.

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the control of my hypoglycemia. The main cause of my chronic stress, heart disease, is diminishing. Sometimes chronic stress triggers this syndrome. I am having chelation therapy to cure my myocardial ischemia. Oral chelation therapy can help remedy hypoglycemia. Oral chelation consists of eating vegetables and fruits that contain a good amount of antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, and vitamin B complex.


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