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How to Cure Constipation Naturally

Updated on April 2, 2014

Constipation or irregular bowel movements is one of the most common medical complaints around, people having experienced it at one time or another in their lifespan. It is difficult to define constipation, since what is normal bowel movement for one individual can be perceived to be abnormal for another. Some people have more than 1 bowel movement every day, whereas others may have a bowel movement every few days. So, there is no fixed definition of what constitutes a normal bowel movement across the board. But, a normal pattern can be established for each individual based on his/her past bowel movement frequency. If you do think that compared to your past pattern of bowel movements, your present bowel movements are increasingly irregular/incomplete/abnormal in your perception, you may indeed be suffering from constipation. So, what are the treatment options/tips to cure/avoid constipation? A few are mentioned below. These should help greatly in ensuring that you have good bowel movements and do not feel constipated.

Include More Fiber In Your Diet: A diet high in fibers such as cereals, whole-wheat grains, fruits and vegetables helps because most of these are not digested by the body and passes along more or less unchanged through the digestive system, providing bulk and softens stool by absorbing water. Consequently, stools can be passed more easily without having to strain and happen on a regular basis, thus avoiding constipation. However, do note that having excess fiber can be counterproductive. Individuals who are not used to taking in fiber should gradually increase the quantity of fiber they taken in, as suddenly taking in a large amount of fiber can cause gas formation and bloating. It is therefore advisable to taken in fiber in moderate quantities.

Drink Enough Fluids: You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water is important because it helps to keep stool soft. Not taking adequate amounts of water can lead to hard stools.

Exercise Regularly: Physical activity is essential to relieve constipation. Exercise ensures that you body functions well and one of the benefits is relief of constipation.

Reserve Time: Its important to reserve a specific time to move your bowels every day. After breakfast is the ideal time. You body would get used to having bowel movements around the same time each day. Also, make sure you are not in a hurry to finish with the bowel movement, sit on the toilet for at least 10-20 minutes to ensure that you body gets time to finish the process.

Destress Yourself: Stress can be one of the factors that lead to constipation, perhaps because stress causes the body to not function properly. Try some stress management techniques, perhaps Yoga, meditation, etc. These should ensure that your body functions as it should.

Some Non-Natural Methods To Relieve Constipation


Laxatives: Any of the four basic types of laxatives can be used to provide short-term relief of constipation. The types are laxatives that are bulk forming, stimulant laxatives, saline laxatives, and lubricant laxatives. Some examples of such laxatives are Dulcolax, Senokot, Milk of Magnesia, Metamucil, etc.

Rectal Suppositories: These are helpful for short-term relief of constipation. These basically work by stimulating the reflexes that bring about a bowel movement. These are basically semi-solid substances comprised of primarily glycerin, but also of other substances, which are to inserted in the rectum to initiate a bowel movement.

Enemas: When oral medications to relieve constipation don't work, enemas are considered. These are basically rectal injections of certain nonabsorbable salts into the rectum and lower portion of the colon that encourage bowel movements.

It is important to note though that although most cases of constipation are related to dietary factors, including some the factors mentioned above, constipation can also indicate more serious problems such as bowel cancer. Hence, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician if dietary modifications don't cure your constipation.


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